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Wine Quality Solutions Launches New Predictive Test to Assess Wine Sensitivity to Oxidation

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The Vinventions Enology Team has developed the Tendency of Evolution test, available on its NomaSense PolyScan P200 polyphenol analyzer. For the first time, winemakers will be able to rely on a rapid analysis to assess the sensitivity of a wine with regard to oxygen.

January 29, 2020 — Until now, only tasting allowed winemakers to assess the oxygen sensitivity of their wines. “We have developed the Tendency of Evolution test, or ‘TE’ test, in order to provide a concrete response to winemakers who wish to know the oxygen sensitivity of their wines as well as the associated risk of oxidation,” explains Stéphane Vidal, Vice President Enology & Wine Quality Solutions (WQS).

Thanks to an electrochemical measurement done with the NomaSense PolyScan P200, winemakers obtain an indication of the capacity of their wines to react with oxygen and build better resistance or, on the contrary, undergo oxidative damage. “The TE allows determination of whether the wine, in its current state, is sensitive or insensitive,” explains Christine Pascal, Wine Quality Solutions Business Unit Manager.

Wine sensitivity to oxidation evolves over time and depends on the operations which the wine undergoes during winemaking and ageing. The test results can therefore change throughout the winemaking process and its interpretation should be corroborated with the stage of wine elaboration. “Two results are possible: either the wine is categorized as sensitive or less sensitive. Depending on the test results, the winemakers can adapt their winemaking, ageing, blending, storage and even closure choices,” says Christine Pascal.

“With this test, our polyphenol analyzer provides winemakers with more precision and guidance in the management of their wine production. In addition to the tastings regularly performed, we offer to guide the winemakers in their technical choices to adapt the process according to the wine sensitivity,” adds Romain Thomas, WQS Business Developer.

Visit the Vinventions team at Booth A522 from February 5-6, 2020 during the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium for more information on the Wine Quality Solutions analyzers, including the NomaSense PolyScan P200.

For any further information on the Tendency of Evolution test and our recommendations regarding the test results, please contact the Vinventions Wine Quality Solutions team at [email protected] or visit www.winequalitysolutions.com.

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