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How to Enter the Exciting Space of Sustainable Alternative Packaging


Free Flow Wines logoLearn about Free Flow Wines’ keg leasing, filling, logistics and canning services and talk with our team about how to enter the exciting space of sustainable alternative packaging. Our quality-focused packaging services give consumers the tasting experience the winemaker intended.

Our custom-designed, fully-automated wine kegging line fills up to 150 kegs per hour, and is expandable to 300 kegs per hour. Free Flow’s expanded canning program now includes three semi-automated fillers and a fully-automated, high-speed line that offers more than 15 packaging configurations, with industry leading wine-focused quality control enhancements and speeds for larger canning projects. Resources will also be available for wine-draft installation and the “how”, “where”, and “why” to begin.

Free Flow Wines
UWGS Booth: P2110

Free Flow Wines is the pioneer of premium wine on tap, delivering the world’s leading wine brands to the taps of restaurants and venues nationwide. Free Flow’s keg leasing, filling, logistics and canning services have allowed the wine and hospitality industries to move to a more sustainable way of offering consumers the freshest, best tasting glass of wine.  Founded in 2009, Free Flow has more than 250 wine brands in keg, from wineries throughout the world. Their customers’ wines are offered in keg and can formats at a variety of restaurants, premium hotels, retail stores, sports and entertainment venues across the US.  Free Flow Wines has locations in Napa, California, and Bayonne, New Jersey. You can find them online at FreeFlowWines.com, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr @FreeFlowWine.

Trade Show Guide

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For a full list of exhibitors, go to www.unifiedsymposium.org/trade-show. You can also follow what’s happening on the trade show floor and conference sessions on twitter #UWGS.

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