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Carlsen & Associates Offers a Complete Range of Winemaking Production Equipment


We offer a complete range of winemaking production equipment from crushpad set ups to pumps, fittings, hoses, valves and just about all you need to operate in a winery.

Automated fixed base pump overs.

We offer automated pump over set ups now, with our own WiFi pump over management system. We have a display set up.

We are featuring Lechler Tank Cleaners as we are the US Distributor to the wine industry. From barrel washers, to rinsing balls, to high impact cleaners for large tanks, we can clean most vessels. We have specialized Tank Cleaning pumps to operate the large tank cleaners and strainers to make sure debris does not enter the tank cleaner. we also make a reliable Ozone machine, an essential part of your sanitation protocol in your winery.  Come over and see our Sanitation Station.

We have two new pump features:

  1. An electronic timer so you can turn any electric Carlsen Pump into an automatic pump over pump.
  2. A low voltage air solenoid that can be operated by a remote stop/start or float switch or the electric timer. This is means you can hook your double diaphragm air pump up to an electric float switch and it will automatically drain your press pan or pump over sump.

Magnets for Must systems

With the trend towards machine harvested fruit we have built in magnets on our Must Screw Sump for the Waukesha 130 pump. These will catch any metal debris before it enters the pump or reaches the press. We are working on larger versions for the Waukesha 220 and 320 pump systems handling must up to 80 tons per hour.

We have many different things to see in our booth. It can get crowded but we will do our best to get to meet you, learn about your winery and get you the equipment you need.

Carlsen & Associates
UWGS Booth: L 10

Carlsen & Associates is a small family run business in Healdsburg, California, the heart of the Northern California Wine Country. Started in 1986 by Jim Carlsen, making pumps and pump systems for the wine industry; we now make complete crush pad systems, pumps, cellar tools, automated pump systems, and supply most fittings, hoses and fixtures needed in a winery. Now serving the wine industry in North America, we also export to japan, South America and Australia and New Zealand. We also have made pump systems and equipment for breweries and distilleries.

When you buy Carlsen equipment you also get us.

We are a diverse talented company of 17 with combined years of technical experience from motorcycle and car racing, sailboats, safaris, computers, accounting, from parts and bearings to electrical applications and more besides. 5 of us have worked in wineries, on the cellar floor, in operations, run crush pads and bottling lines. We understand the need for simplicity and efficiency in design and construction of equipment also in their operation and service . Our welders and fabricators are simply the best. Take a look and see for yourself. They build all our sanitary equipment right here in Healdsburg, California. We also build a small amount of custom equipment.

Come meet our service techs, the most knowledgeable, grounded mechanics you will find. Collectively they have many years of experience working on Carlsen equipment. They promote regular maintenance and care of the equipment so it takes care of your production.

If you are in the area stop by and visit us, we are proud to show you around our facility and the work we do.

Our pumps suck……(they are supposed to).

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