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Augmented Reality on Every Australian Wine in 2020


Ground-breaking App to drive innovation across industry, says Winerytale

January 22, 2020. Geelong, Australia – Every Australian wine will have the benefit of augmented reality, as a ground-breaking new smartphone App prepares to launch worldwide.

From April, consumers with the Winerytale app will be able to scan the label of almost any Australian wine label to see the story of the wine and the winery come to life with stunning augmented reality.

More than 2,000 Australian brands will benefit from the initiative, in what is being touted as a tremendous opportunity for the local industry.

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Bold Move to Benefit Smaller Australian Wineries

Winerytale Managing Director Dave Chaffey said the technology was being rolled out at no cost to Australian wineries in a move designed to level the playing field for small and medium-sized wineries, for whom the technology and marketing magic of augmented reality has been too expensive and complicated to access until now.

Chaffey said the company was opening up the market – and the increased sales potential – to all Australian wineries embracing the groundbreaking technology.

“In the past few years a handful of wine producers have created augmented reality apps for their specific brand,” Chaffey said.

“Winerytale is blowing the augmented reality door open to any winery.

“Making technology accessible is our aim. Up until now smaller wineries have been priced out of the technology and the profits. This levels the playing field and in fact means wineries have a fair chance of increasing their sales against the big players.”

Showcasing Australian Wine to Aid Exports

Chaffey said Winerytale is currently taking existing available content for each winery and turning it into an impressive augmented reality display. Wineries haven’t had to do anything different, though they may wish to opt out, or add additional content in the future.

The technology behind the App is designed to work on any wine label, using artificial intelligence to scan and recognise labels and augmented reality to showcase the wine’s backstory by beaming it from a virtual space in front of, and within the bottle.

Field testing of the Winerytale App attracted worldwide interest and more than 500 leading wine producers are already on board from across Australia and New Zealand as well as wine regions in Canada, France and North America.

Chaffey said the augmented reality app offer would shortly be extended to wineries in the rest of the english-speaking world.

“We’re really excited by the endless possibilities of augmented reality for the wine industry,” he said.

“Both wine and augmented reality are growth industries and demand will continue to soar in such competitive sectors.

“This is a world-class opportunity to be part of the push into a future that successfully makes the most of both.”

About the Winerytale team

Winerytale is led by Matt Hallberg, Luke Chaffey, and Dave Chaffey – recognised specialists in their respective fields of augmented reality, software development, and digital marketing strategy.

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