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Turn-Key Solutions from Leading Manufacturers of Grape Processing Equipment, Bottling Equipment, and Vision Inspection Systems


ColloPack LogoStop by the ColloPack Solutions booth to learn more about our new offerings on display: Palmer Canning Systems’ CraftBloc™, Diemme’s Vibro-Select Destemmer, and Francesca’s Lobo pump.

New partnership: Palmer Canning Systems’ CraftBloc™ with ProPurge™ laminar filling valves utilizes Meyer-type rotary counter pressure systems that provide unagitated fills and low oxygen pick up (<25ppb). It is built with a compact monobloc design, stainless steel seamers, automated line control, CO2 under-lid gassing manifold, 3A sanitary-compliant filler bowl with passivation ASTM A967 and a stainless steel frame, base plate, and head. Speeds range from 60cpm-300cpm.

Diemme’s Vibro-Select destemmer provides winemakers with a tool to separate berries from stalks in the gentlest way possible. The wave motion cage paired with the roller sorting table allows for all grape varieties to be efficiently and cleanly destemmed.

The Francesca Lobo pump is a helical lobe rotation system that ensures a constant flow rate without agitation required for applications. It is ideal for destemmed decanting, lees, must & wine, and bottling. All Francesca pumps have a zero-oxygen transfer rate at pickup.

Also on display is the Blue Morph UV light tank sanitization system which drastically reduces water and chemical usage associated with tank cleaning; the latest Diemme control panel with 32 fully customizable programs and a 10” color touch screen with remote access capability allowing real-time visibility; and the Albrigi 486 gallon jacketed Porta tank with a bright annealed mirror finish, pickled & passivated interior welds, pocket for temperature probe, and more.  

ColloPack Solutions
UWGS Booth: C1222

ColloPack offers turn-key solutions representing leading manufacturers of grape processing equipment, wine bottling or canning equipment, vision inspection systems, stainless steel tanks, and tank sanitation.  Based in Napa, California with local representatives located in the wine regions of California and the Pacific Northwest, ColloPack is committed to providing excellence and after-sales services & support from design integration to installation. ColloPack represents over 16   leading brands such as Bertolaso, Diemme, Francesca, Blue Morph, Palmer Canning, Albrigi and more! ColloPack has an extensive inventory of spare parts and a machine shop for manufacturing emergency parts, in addition to offering factory-trained and experienced technical services. ColloPack’s customers can rely on its long-term partnership and abilities to set up and provide solutions for the winegrape processing and bottling needs.

Trade Show Guide

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For a full list of exhibitors, go to www.unifiedsymposium.org/trade-show. You can also follow what’s happening on the trade show floor and conference sessions on twitter #UWGS.

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