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The Vintage Report Launches Series Analyzing 2019 Growing Season and Celebrates Its Tenth Year Anniversary


Vintage Report logoFor the past ten years, the Vintage Report has been proud to produce events worldwide. The Vintage Report, a viticulture and enology symposium, focused on plant physiology and new technology for the vineyard and cellar, is excited to launch this year’s conferences in the United States. In addition to events in France and South America, the Vintage Report will be producing five technical conferences throughout North America in 2020.

With a strong DNA around the idea that great wine starts in the vineyard, these symposiums allow practitioners to get in touch with worldwide and local experts, researchers, winemakers, and technology professionals.

This year’s series will kick off in Santa Rosa with the Sonoma Vintage Report on Wednesday, January 22. “Sonoma County is one of the most unique winegrowing regions we have the privilege of working with; the nuances of its microclimates give fruit quality from around the area a lot of character,” says Vintage Report Program Director Mark Anderson. To expand on this insight, globally renowned climatologist Gregory V. Jones, Ph.D., of Linfield College will review climatic trends at both the Sonoma and Napa events.

The event series was created in order to help winemakers and grape growers prepare for the next growing season by reviewing trends in yield and quality from the previous year.  This technical conference collects, organizes, and analyzes unique data that tell a story of the vintage and paints a picture of terroir. “Using the most advanced technologies available, data has been meticulously curated to create a level of analysis that can help us truly understand what happened during the last growing year,” says Thibaut Scholasch, Content Director for the Vintage Report.

The Napa Vintage Report, happening on Wednesday, January 29, will feature esteemed winemaker and Master of Wine Nova Cadamatre who will deliver the keynote address. The Napa conference will also feature a panel of experts that examines the possibility of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in winegrowing.

Both the Sonoma and Napa events will include a new segment known as “Oenology Bridges” which brings together collaborators from G3, Vivelys, and Diam Bouchage to develop consensus on best-practices in the cellar based on vintage conditions in the vineyard. This segment will showcase what can be done on the winemaking side to react to challenging years in the vineyard.

The Vintage Report will also produce events in Walla Walla, Washington (on February 10) Paso Robles, California (on February 25), and McMinnville, Oregon (on March 2). For more information, visit https://vintagereport.com/en/.

The Sonoma Vintage Report will take place on Wednesday, January 22, from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM. For tickets and information, please visit: https://vintagereport.com/en/Sonoma-2019.

The Napa Vintage Report will take place on Wednesday, January 29, from 8:30 AM to 4 PM. For tickets and information, please visit: https://vintagereport.com/en/napa-2019-agenda.

About the Vintage Report www.vintagereport.com/en

Since 2010, the Vintage Report has brought together scientists, winemakers and industry leaders from all over the world to discuss the previous year’s harvest in light of the most recent scientific findings. This is a constructive event that interacts with attendees by asking the question: How can the lessons of the previous harvest be utilized to enhance vineyard practices and improve wine quality? The Vintage Report showcases the most innovative techniques and tools to create a deeper understanding of the vineyard. The technical conference works towards a future of winegrowing that uses precision agriculture to be more efficient and respectful of the environment. Considering the event’s scope, the Vintage Report is open to cellar and vineyard professionals including winemakers, vineyard managers, viticulturists, assistant winemakers, and winery owners. The Vintage Report holds conferences in Napa, Paso Robles, Sonoma, Oregon, Walla Walla, Santiago, Mendoza, Bordeaux, Provence, and Burgundy. The Vintage Report is a subsidiary of its parent company, Fruition Sciences.

About Fruition Scienceswww.fruitionsciences.com

Fruition Sciences specializes in the adoption of agricultural technologies with applications in modern viticulture. While respecting tradition, Fruition Sciences provides winegrowers with a highly integrated, terroir and vintage specific web application. Fruition’s plant-based solutions enable winegrowers to save time and improve both quality and yield while implementing innovative techniques that adapt to climate change. Founded in 2008 by Sebastien Payen and Thibaut Scholasch in Oakland, California, the company has since expanded efforts globally and has offices in Napa, Bordeaux and Montpellier, France. In addition to this, Fruition Sciences has a presence in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, China, Australia, and Israel.

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