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G&D Chillers Understand the Needs of the Wine Industry and Winery Chilling Is One of Our Main Product Applications


We are a dedicated provider of Standard Winery Chillers, as well as Custom Chilling Units, for Wineries throughout the United States and Canada. With G&D Engineered Winery Chillers installed in over 2,000 Wineries, we have the experience and the know-how to manufacture units to meet, and even exceed, the needs of the wine industry. Over the years, we have helped numerous startup Wineries build their businesses from the ground up. We have found that discussing a few simple ideas about your long-term plans can save you time and allow your winery to expand without requiring retrofitting. Let us assist you in matching a Winery Chilling unit to your present needs and to your future demands as your customer base grows.

And don’t forget to check out the benefits of our Glycol Heaters and our Process Load Controllers for your Winery.

G&D Chillers
UWGS Booth: P2179

COMMITTED TO COLD. G&D Chillers has over 20 years of experience in the refrigeration industry. Our expertise goes far beyond the design and implementation of top quality chilling systems. We’re committed to building a long lasting partnership with you, offering on-going technical support from our team of engineers backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Getting started with G&D Chillers:

  • Discuss current and future chilling requirements to determine which type and size chiller based on client’s application.
  • Provide required specifications/data of required chiller and discuss the client’s thoughts and questions.
  • Submit pricing, confirm order, and begin custom production.
  • Work with client, engineers or architect to provide proper chiller location and installation.
  • Consult and design of glycol piping system free of charge.
  • Logistics of shipping and delivery.
  • Communicate with customers via telephone or onsite to provide factory assisted start up.
  • Continue ongoing customer relationship to help with all future needs, whether it’s expanding into a new custom chiller or offering technical support.

Trade Show Guide

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For a full list of exhibitors, go to www.unifiedsymposium.org/trade-show. You can also follow what’s happening on the trade show floor and conference sessions on twitter #UWGS.

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