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The Highest Quality Cork with a Consistent Sensory Performance


Cork Supply logoSince 2011, we have been developing our individually guaranteed product lines to provide the highest quality with a consistent sensory performance. In our DS100 service, 100 percent of the corks go through a human sensory analysis that rejects any cork with TCA or other off-aromas. A bottle buy-back guarantee is given for premium products.

The VINC closure is produced exclusively by Cork Supply, using high-quality, controlled raw material and state of-the-art molding technologies. In VINC corks, the level of migratory TCA is guaranteed to be less than or equal to 0.5 ng/l in each cork. This technical closure has an excellent mechanical capacity and consistent sensory performance and properties that are fundamental in offering an exemplary sealing capacity.

Cork Supply USA
UWGS Booth: A522

For more than three decades, Cork Supply has been redefining quality through innovation, superior service, and expertise. The company offers premium closure products to the global wine industry, including natural corks, technical corks, bartops, Nomacorc® synthetic corks, Rivercap® tin and polylaminate capsules, Sparflex® wirehoods and foils, and Guala® screwcaps. Cork Supply is a Lean and ISO-certified producer of premium wine closures

Cork Supply operates production facilities in all corners of the globe, including the United States, Europe, Australia, Argentina, China and South America, providing services to wineries in more than thirty countries. All natural and technical corks are produced in Portugal, and finished locally in each respective market. 

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