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New Launch of Tonnellerie Radoux USA’s Barrel Code Series

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Stop by Radoux’s Unified booth, A312, to say hello to your sales representative and learn about our new barrels: the Barrel Code Series & OMEGA. Radoux USA’s Barrel Code Series will be officially launched at the 2020 Unified Trade Show.

Mindful of the ever-changing needs and expectations of our customers and international market trends, Radoux continues to prioritize the improvement of the range of our products and services.


A Cab from Bordeaux is not a Cab from Napa, and a Cab from Napa is not a Cab from Paso Robles or Walla Walla. This custom-made barrel program was developed in the US with the collaboration of US winemakers and consultants specifically for US winemaking, and is produced in the US at our Santa Rosa, CA cooperage.

Radoux USA has been working on creating a local range of barrels with local winemakers for local wine programs since 2016. The goal is to reveal the terroir and respect the true expression of the varietals grown here.

The Barrel Code Series development pulls from the know-how of Radoux and all the innovation developed over decades of research on oak (selection of grain, polyphenols, Oakscan, seasoning and maturation) and an extensive inventory or French, American and Hungarian oaks.

In 2017 Radoux USA teamed with renowned winemaking consultant Jean Hoefliger to better understand the local winemaking challenges. In the last three years 3,000+ Barrel Code Series barrels have been trialed in more than 80 wineries in California and Washington.

How do you get into the Barrel Code Series for your wines? Visit Radoux’s booth at Unified or contact your sales representative. We might have already designed a barrel that fulfills your wish!

The Barrel Codes Series barrels are locally developed and produced for the USA market and thus offer more flexibility, easier approach, faster production, and better customer service.

Radoux USA has been offering its services to the US wine, spirits and beer industries for over 25 years and is continually seeking ways to better serve our customers. Think local first!

OMEGA: Excellence, by Nature

To satisfy the increasing demand for barrels respectful of wine, fruit and terroir, Radoux has developed OMEGA, a new barrel for the aging of fine wines that was launched at the 2019 Unified Trade Show. Exceptional in its purity and finesse, Omega will reveal the identity of your wines with elegance and discretion.

The Omega barrel benefits from both OakScan, which enables the staves to be selected for moderate polyphenolic indices, and staves matured over three years. Radoux has developed a specific toast for the Omega barrel to enhance the blend of tannins of the oak with those of the wine, preserving the sweetness of the wood while the wine acquires more volume and texture. Tasting reveals that Omega gives emphasis to the fruit, with a balance between roundness, volume, tension and length on the palate. Tannins are soft, expressing freshness, elegance and finesse.

Tonnellerie Radoux USA, Inc.
UWGS Booth: A312

Located in Sonoma County since 1994, Radoux manufactures French, American and Eastern European oak barrels (including 36-month options), puncheons, casks, tanks, and oak for oenology (Pronektar). Radoux has strict protocols in place for optimum oak sourcing, natural aging, sorting by grain and polyphenolic indexes (Oakscan-proprietary technology), toasting regimes and finishing which result in a portfolio of barrel, tank and oak adjunct options perfectly suited to the objectives of the winemaker.

Pronektar, Radoux’s oak for oenology, is a portfolio of French and American oak granulate and chips for both fermentation and aging, segments, blocks, barrel chains, barrel stave sets, and tank staves.  Recent innovation Nektar ID (Instant Decision), in the form of liquid oak concentrates, allows for trials of the Pronektar range of products with immediate results.  Nektar ID: easy to use, result is immediate, control of organoleptic profiles, precise dose rates, reliable results.

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