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Commerce7 Introduces Subscription Club Tools

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Commerce7, a modern DTC platform for the wine industry, launches subscription clubs.  This is an innovative new club model coexisting with their current suite of customer centric club tools. The subscription club rethinks both the traditional and user choice club model and gives winery’s an opportunity to create club experiences similar to Dollarshave Club and Blue Apron.

“Consumer expectations are higher than ever. User choice clubs may have been enough to meet expectations in the last decade, but subscription based clubs in other industries continue to innovate and raise the bar in terms of what type of experience members are expecting” says Zach Kamphuis, General Manager of Commerce7.  “The modern consumer wants more control and they want the club to revolve around their life and their unique preferences. They want to be able to set and change the frequency of their shipments, have full control over the offering, be able to skip shipments, and easily make changes to their profile online. Our new subscription club model gives members all of these features and much more.” says Zach Kamphuis.

Member Controlled Frequency

Within preset parameters created by the winery, the club member is able to select their desired shipping frequency (for example 1, 2, 3 or 4 months). At any time, the club members can opt to change their frequency. Subscriptions will begin immediately once the member signs up. If a member signs up on the 9th and opts to receive their shipment monthly, they’ll receive their package every month on the 9th.

Preference Based Product Selection

In the subscription club, wineries are able to create a pool of products, and the club tools will automatically pull products from the pool to build unique packages for each club member based on the member’s individual preferences and past purchase history. The winery can create rules around the products such as minimum and maximum requirements and limitations. Club members can customize their package as well. The member can opt to have specific bottles always sent or never sent.

Automated Email Communications

The system will automatically email members 2 weeks and 2 days before an upcoming shipment so that the member can make adjustments and changes to their package. The system will also automatically email members if their credit card is declined, and with one-click in the email, members can easily update their credit card information. The timing and content of all these emails can be adjusted by the winery.

First Shipment on Signup

When a member signs up online, they’ll automatically receive a shipment. If an associate signs up a member through the POS or admin, they can set when the first shipment will process.

Automatic Club Processing

Commerce7 has had fast club processing, being able to process 1000 club packages in 90 seconds. With the subscription club, processing becomes even easier as Commerce7 now automatically process packages with no effort required by the winery. Packages that are set to process on any given day will automatically process at 8am local winery time.

Upcoming Inventory Requirements

Wineries can now see required and available inventory needed to fulfill upcoming club orders. By default, the system shows inventory requirements to fulfill the next 2 weeks worth of orders, but wineries can create custom time periods to see requirements for a given date.

To learn more about our new subscription club or the existing traditional and user choice club tools offered by Commerce7, visit commerce7.com or email [email protected]

About Commerce7

Commerce7 was launched in 2017 by industry veteran Andrew Kamphuis and has rapidly grown to now serve over 200 wineries across North American, Europe, Africa, and Australia. Commerce7’s clients range in size from mom and pop wineries, to multi-brand enterprises. Regardless of size, all clients on the Commerce7 platform have access to the entire suite of products and all features and functionality.

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