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Vicard Generation 7 Hires Wesley Chamberlain, Expanding Sales Team in USA


NAPA, December 11, 2019 – Vicard Generation 7 is delighted to announce Wesley Chamberlain has joined their sales team.

“The story of how a small, family-owned operation is using technology to push the industry forward is an impressive one and I’m honored to join the team. It’s very exciting to know I’ll be placing the most technologically advanced and reproducible barrel our industry has to offer into the cellars of more winemakers.” said Mr. Chamberlain, who has more than 7 years of account management and sales experience in the wine industry.

Mr. Chamberlain territory will include Sonoma, Mendocino, Washington, Oregon and Texas. “The growth since we introduced the barrels in 2014 has been astonishing so I’m delighted to have Wesley on board to help meet the demand of winemakers who want to know more about the impact of tannin selection.” said Christy Thomas, Business Development Manager of Vicard Generation 7. 

For more information about Vicard Generation 7 tannin potential barrels, please visit www.vicardg7.com or contact: Christy Thomas at [email protected] or at 707-228-5982.

About Vicard Generation 7

The philosophy of Vicard Generation 7 is based on the idea that controlling for the high degree of variability in barrels presents a great opportunity. Drawing on 6 generations of oak expertise, paired with strong winery partnerships around the world, Vicard Generation 7 honors the next generation of coopers with a completely new approach regarding wood analysis, selection and toasting and now leads the coopering industry with innovation, reproducibility and eco-responsibility.