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GOfermentor® Condenses Wine Aromas


GOfermentor logoFar Hills NJ, December 2, 2019 – “The design of the GOfermentor closed liner naturally condenses aromas inside the liners upper surface, effortless refluxing aroma compounds back into the must as the punching bladder expands and contracts.  The reflux effect occurs without the need for a glycol condenser or refrigeration equipment.” Says Vijay Singh, PhD the inventor of the GOfermentor. 

As grape sugars are converted into ethanol, large amounts of carbon dioxide are produced. As the CO2 escapes, significant amounts of wine aroma molecules escape with it. Studies by Eco-Pas.com have determined that 20 – 35% of varietal aromas are typically lost to the atmosphere.  Small lots of red wines fermented at high temperatures in open top fermenters are particularly susceptible to aroma loss.

As a result, red wines vinified in a GOfermentor are more flavorful and aromatic than those employing conventional small lot procedures.  Winemakers are encouraged to run their own comparative experiments in which they will see other benefits of the technology including better tannin structure and diminished hydrogen sulfide production.

About GOfermentor

The GOfermentor is an advanced winemaking system for artisanal and small batch (< 1 ton) production. Many units are in use worldwide. Automated punch and built-in press reduces cost and labor. Single-use technology minimizes water usage. US patents 9260682, 9611452, 9802805, France 14 61410, Australia 2014268161. Others pending.

For more information, contact [email protected], visit www.gofermentor.com