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Organic Fire Taint Repair: Don’t Pull That Smoke Affected Vine…Yet!


A new all-natural protocol is showing very promising results!

Better Green Crops“This Aloe treatment gel acts just like a burn ointment does on human skin to speed up the healing process by 3-fold and help repair heat damaged vines.” enthuses Shannon Coats, Executive Vice President of Agri-Aloe.

As we all know, the recent California fires have affected vineyards ranging from smoke damage to vines sustaining mildly burnt bark, fruit loss and serious burns. Some vineyards are reporting delayed vine collapse, whereby the vines begin to regrow and then collapse following the growth season.

That is until now. “We are working with our clients and developing products and solutions for what most concerns them and the quality of their crops are improving” said Leonard Atlas, Co-Founder of Better Green Crops, LLC., “As a result of the most recent California wildfires, we assembled our team and focused on how we and GroAloe could help the fire and smoke affected vineyards.” Atlas is a distributor of GroAloe, a 50-year old patented organic powdered Aloe Vera bio stimulant and soil amendment. GroAloe Green Powder is diluted and used as a foliar spray, root soak, and soil treatment to promote healthier growth of crops.

For vines that have been heat and smoke damaged, or even burnt to death, GroAloe is used as a soil treatment & foliar spray that helps bring soil and vines back to life for the next growing season. Additionally, it enhances the crop’s own natural defenses to ward off disease, fungus, mold, mildew as well as naturally repel most harmful pests/ insects. All without the use of chemicals!

“A previous product had been created and tested as a topically applied gel version of GroAloe for splintered trees and vines. It proved successful. So, we tasked the team to get it back into the laboratory and make it relevant and effective for smoke and fire damaged vines,” said Atlas.

Bill C. Coats, the founder of Coats Agri-Aloe, often referred to as “The Father of Aloe Vera”, is the patent holder, 5-time author, and is globally recognized as the originator of the most effective formulations ever documented for stabilized Aloe Vera. Bill and his son Shannon told us, “Our team has developed and will be launching a unique first aid Aloe Vera treatment gel to be used in the agriculture industry.”

“The treatment is intended to be used in combination with GroAloe Green Powder foliar spraying on the vines and soil, but this gel will be applied directly to the burnt areas of the vines.”

“So far all vines that we treated with the gel were able to recover and produce healthy fruit in their next grow season, so we are excited to help out farmers with this new remedy,” enthuses Coats. Tests on other crops, in the lab have been equally positive.

“We tasked the production team to have the GroAloe Treatment Gel available for sale ASAP, and they have assured us that the first batch will be available (perhaps in limited quantities) by the March-April timeframe. In the meanwhile, as a part of their post-harvest maintenance, we advise our clients to start treating all vines with our GroAloe Green Powder as a foliar spray for overall health and protection during the off season. We are also asking for the size of smoke and fire damaged areas of the vineyard that will require this new solution,” says Atlas.

In order to accommodate and prioritize vineyards damaged by the recent fires, Better Green Crops is conducting complimentary telephone consultations to discuss proper GroAloe protocols.

Please visit www.bettergreencrops.com and let us know the extent of your damage and how we can help you restore your vines to optimal health and productivity.

For more information and introduction to the partners contact:
Colby Smith, Northwest wine country liaison at [email protected].

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