Acclaimed Champagne Maker Régis Camus’ HEAVENSAKE Junmai Daiginjo Sake
Earns Two Double Gold Medals

NEW YORK, November 19, 2019 – With eight awards for Best Sparkling Winemaker of the Year from the International Wine Challenge to his name, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Régis Camus has achieved more critical acclaim – this time for HEAVENSAKE, which he created in collaboration with Japan’s most respected sake breweries. Competing against 45 other sakes, HEAVENSAKE Junmai Daiginjo was named “Best Sake” with a 96 point score, and earned two Double Gold Awards – from this year’s San Francisco International Wine Competition (SFIWC) and from the Pr%f Awards. In addition, HEAVENSAKE Junmai 12 and Junmai Ginjo each took home Gold Awards from Pr%f and Silver Awards from SFIWC.

HEAVENSAKE is the first Franco-Japanese sake made by a chef de caves from the Champagne region. While sakes are traditionally made in batches, Camus brings the art of blending to the sake world. Working in tandem with the Tojis (sake brewmasters), he created three expressions that meet the highest standards of balance, purity, and refinement to reflect the meaning of Junmai, which translates to pure

Designed for the western palate and cuisine, HEAVENSAKE’s unique blends are all natural, created with no distilled alcohol or added sugar, sulphite-, gluten-, and additive-free, and are three times less acidic than wine. HEAVENSAKE Junmai Daiginjo is produced in collaboration with Dassai brewery; HEAVENSAKE Junmai Ginjo is produced in collaboration with Urakasumi brewery; and HEAVENSAKE Junmai 12, which launched in June 2019, is produced in collaboration with Konishi Brewery.

Dassai Brewery (founded in 1990; Yamaguchi prefecture)
16% ABV; 720ml; $95 SRP

Begins with delicate floral, grape, apple and lush tropical fruit on the nose. The palate is vibrant, rich and aromatic with flavors of early summer pears, wild red berries and muscat grapes. Recommended pairings: uni, lobster, Pata Negia Iberico ham, Parmigiano Reggiano, ingredients with strong umami, tiramisu, chocolate fondant, crème brûlée.

“Daiginjo is like walking int a lovely Japanese palace with a large goblet of flowers, surrounded by elegance, refinement, and the floral aromas.” – Régis Camus

Urakasumi Brewery (founded in 1724; Miyagi prefecture)
15% ABV; 720ml; $45 SRP

On the nose are notes of lemon peel, cocoa and crème brûlée, accompanied by a crisp, light and refreshing palate with honeycomb, nougat and white raisin. Recommended pairings: ceviche, raw oysters, tuna tartare, arctic char, sashimi, sushi, green salads, tempura vegetables, lightly spicy food, chicken.

“To me, Ginjo is like the first day of Spring with its warm rays of sunshine.” – Régis Camus

Konishi Brewery (founded in 1550; Hyogo prefecture)
12% ABV; 720ml; $28 SRP

The nose offers rich notes of salted caramel, cacao, kumquat and almond, followed by a round palate, dry to off dry and pleasing pastry notes with a bright, fresh finish. Recommended pairings: ceviche, raw oysters, tuna tartare, poached fish, shrimp cocktails, sashimi, margherita pizza, burgers, New York strip steaks.

Junmai 12 is inspired by the rosés of Provence and the lightness of champagne – elegant and easy on the palate.” – Régis Camus

“HEAVENSAKE reflects champagne and sake’s shared dedication to details, precision, and craftsmanship,” says HEAVENSAKE Managing Director, Nes Rueda. “It offers an opportunity to explore how sake harmoniously complements a world of foods, and we couldn’t be more proud of the recognition it has received for its superior quality.”

HEAVENSAKE is available in New York, South Florida, Nevada, Illinois, and California, and at Michelin-starred restaurants Sushi Nakazawa and NODA, in addition to TAO, CATCH, Kappo Masa, LURE Fishbar, Hakkasan and the Lobster Club, among many others, and available for purchase fine retailers, such as Bowery and Vine, K&L, Wally’s, Empire State of Wine, to name a few. For more information on HEAVENSAKE, visit and follow the brand on Instagram @heavensake.


HEAVENSAKE is a composition by acclaimed French cellar master, Régis Camus, in collaboration with Japan’s most respected sake breweries. It is the first Franco-Japanese sake collaboration. Régis Camus and the respective Tojis (sake brewing- masters) work in tandem to create the unique HEAVENSAKE blends: Junmai 12 with Konishi Brewery; Junmai Ginjo with Urakasumi, and Junmai Daiginjo with Dassai. Their common dedication to excellence set the grounds for the creation of the first Franco-Japanese sake, meeting the highest standards of balance, purity and refinement. HEAVENSAKE is owned by HEAVEN DISTRIBUTION AG located Höhenweg 1 St. Gallen 9000 Switzerland and represented by HEAVENSAKE in North America located at Spring Place, New York City. For more information on HEAVENSAKE, visit and follow the brand on Instagram @heavensake.



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