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Pennsylvania-Based Fence Supplier Gives Brand a Makeover


Waynesboro, PA: Trident Enterprises, a leading carrier of wholesale deer fence supplies, is turning heads with a fresh new look. Not only has the brand altered its name from “Trident Enterprises” to “Trident Fence,” but it has reformed its branding and marketing of the products to better service varied customers.

Trident Enterprises is best known for carrying deer fencing for wildlife exclusion on lawns and gardens. While Trident’s product line is still heavily based on wildlife deterrence, the company has dropped words such as “deer” from many of its product titles to allow customers to choose how they wish to use the products on landscapes. By doing so, it changes the way prospective buyers view the products.

Additionally, Trident Fence has modernized the look of the website, TridentCorp.com, to easily allow customers to find and identify products that meet their specific needs. On product pages, customers will be able to choose sizes and see additional product features. Buyers will also be given new payment options such as Add to Cart to continue shopping or the new “Buy Now” button to purchase quickly with PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay and other payment choices.

Lastly, Trident Fence has created an Instagram account to show Trident Fence products on properties.

Trident Fence is an e-commerce only business that ships nationwide. Trident Fence is open from Monday-Friday between 8:00AM-5:30PM EST with call center operators available on weekends to assist customers with customer service inquiries and product support.

About Trident Fence:

Located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Trident Fence is a leading wholesale fence supplier of effective wildlife control solutions and humane pet fencing. We are proud to work with diverse groups and landowners including public gardens, schools, orchards, vineyards, cannabis gardens, hemp farms, federal agencies, natural resources and wildlife conservation groups, dog boarding centers, animal rescues, and TNR Programs alike.



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