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The Frescobaldi Group Celebrates Gambero Rosso ‘2020 Winery of the Year’ Honor and Recent Induction into the Altagamma Foundation

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NEW YORK, NY, November 18, 2019 – The renowned wine producer Frescobaldi Toscana has been named ’Winery of the Year’ by Gambero Rosso, Italy’s premier authority on wine, and recently joined the Altagamma Foundation, a cooperative of Italian luxury brands across multiple sectors. These recognitions confirm Frescobaldi’s commitment to high quality production and excellence.

Established in 1986, Gambero Rosso is the world’s most trusted resource on Italian food, wine and travel. Frescobaldi was recognized for its historic legacy for quality wine production, strategic expansions and continued growth across all their estates.

“We bestowed the award of “Winery of the Year” upon Frescobaldi for its success in combining tradition with strategic vision and innovation, for its unceasing drive for absolute excellence and uncompromising attention to detail, from the selection of the grapes to label design,” said the official statement by Marco Sabellico, Gambero Rosso Guide Editor, together with English Language Editor Gianni Fabrizio. They continue, “Their commitment, particularly obvious in recent years, to bringing out the unique qualities of each terroir and the professionalism of their staff find few peers in the Italian and international wine world. Here are a family and a winery that are worthy ambassadors to the world of Italy and its values”.

“Our philosophy, Cultivating Toscana Diversity, means that each of our wine estates has its own managing director, and its own winemaker as well, usually a young professional with international experience. Nicolò D’Afflitto, our winemaking director since 1990, coordinates all these operations,” stated Frescobaldi Group President Lamberto Frescobaldi. “Our unwavering intention is to showcase the talents, if you will, of every single terroir, and of every individual vineyard, assisting the vines, for example, to find their own balance, in natural processes that privilege the use of non-chemical fertilizers and grasses in cover-cropping. That of course also involves meticulously planned and executed winemaking efforts, all overseen by our winemaker and technical director, Nicolò d’Afflitto”.

Earlier this year, Frescobaldi Toscana joined some of the top luxury consumer brands and wine producers of Italy as a member of the Altagamma Foundation, where they represent the winemaking sector. Founded in 1992, the mission of Altagamma is to contribute to the growth and competitive success of Italy’s high-end creative and culture industries as well as the country’s economic development. Notable members include Gucci, Fendi, Ferrari, Versace, and Alfa Romeo.

Entering Altagamma means that Frescobaldi joins the ranks of Italy’s finest brands”, says Lamberto Frescobaldi. “Those who share a common DNA which boasts of a higher level of performance and that elevated Italian lifestyle, which in a unique way marries together the culture and creativity of our Italy. We look forward to involving ourselves in the foundation’s shared initiatives and to dedicating our team to the mission of gaining appreciation across the globe for the world-class products of the regions of which we are ambassadors.”

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About Frescobaldi Toscana | en.frescobaldi.com

Frescobaldi Toscana, the leading wine producer of Tuscany and one of the most historic and respected wine companies in the world, combines centuries of tradition with progressive winemaking techniques and practices.  Founded in the 14th century and a supplier of wines to the royal courts of Europe for generations, Frescobaldi Toscana is still a family-owned company today. Comprised of seven distinct estates totaling approximately 1,300 hectares, Frescobaldi Toscana produces terroir-driven wines utilizing only the grapes grown in its own vineyards. The company continually upgrades and modernizes its grape growing and winemaking operations, maintaining a relentless focus on producing unique wines that express the individuality of each unique terroir from which they are produced.

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