Aivaka LogoAivaka will be displaying a range of products mainly for irrigation application. These products provide a wireless connection between a standard 24V controller (or clock) to any electrical valve or pumps.

A standard 24V-AC controller can control a DC or an AC valve, or operate a 115V/230V pump. Our products use a unique powering architecture to operate all of the valves. Our solutions use a customized ISM radio operate at 900MHz band which is free to use, they are not based on a cell phone or WiFi or Bluetooth radio.

Eliminating wires between controller to valves and pumps would eliminate the cost and issues related to the wires in the field.

Our solutions are used for any electrical valve or motors, indoor or outdoor.

All of our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

We also provide custom solutions for any project, let us know how we can help.

WIN Expo Booth: 828

Aivaka is a California based company located in San Jose, CA. We are focused on reducing the cost and challenges associated with irrigating farms, parks, vineyards, and large industrial landscapes.

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