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Advanced Winemaking Technology Saves Labor and Water

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GOfermentor logoAdvanced Wine Technology. The GOfermentor is a patented automated wine making device that ferments in single-use liners. This system not only eliminates punch-down labor, but also presses the wine out with a click of a button.  

Water usage is vastly reduced (by 90% on average). No washing, no steaming, no detergents, minimal waste water helps the environment.

The GOfermentor consists of three components; GObase, controller, and the single-use GOliner.

GOfermentor inflated

The GObase is a reusable, rigid outer container which holds the GOliner. Since the wine does not contact the GObase, it can be reused with a simple wipe down. The GObase also folds for storage. A control panel with electrical components attaches to the GObase for automatic control of punch-down, temperature, press, and other functions.

The SmartBarrel® technology provides a way to store your wine without oxidation. No topping required. Keep your wine safe.

Racking with No Top-off. Wine can be stored indefinitely without risk of oxidation. No need for “topping off”. The single use liner eliminates barrel cleaning and potential contamination. Micro-oxygenation is possible using liners with different oxygen permeability. “Oaking” is performed by inserting oak products into the liner. No Cleaning. The SmartBarrel employs a single-use inert, food-grade, flexible liner. No tanks to clean. Topping Reservoir. The SmartBarrel can be partially or completely filled. It can supply wine for topping indefinitely without oxidation.


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The GOfermentor brings 21st century technology to winemaking. This technology dramatically reduces the water usage. The GOfermentor provides better control of fermentation parameters, minimal exposure to air, and automated cap management, producing better extraction and color and ultimately better quality wine.

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