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They’re Here: Premiere Napa Valley Wines Come to Market


Exceptionally rare expressions of Napa Valley wines come on the scene for wine lovers across the country and around the world

11/12/2019St. Helena, CA—They’re here.

Some of Napa Valley’s rarest wines under the Premiere Napa Valley label are coming to market this week in the inaugural Premiere Napa Valley Release Week.

Premiere Napa Valley is an auction attended by trade representatives from around the globe—wine retailers and restaurant wine buyers. Each year winemakers across Napa Valley craft unique wines in quantities of as few as 60 bottles and never more than 240 bottles. No Premiere wine has ever been made before nor will ever be made again. The wine buyers who gather for the auction are on the hunt for what essentially are some of the world’s rarest wines. Whoever buys the wine gets every bottle for his or her customers.

“Some of the Premiere Napa Valley wines are crafted in limited editions as small as 60 bottles and are hand-signed and numbered by the winemaker, which makes each bottle a rare treasure,” remarked Jeff Degner, CSW, Wine and Beverage Consultant, Beckendorf Liquors. “When people ask me for a unique gift suggestion or for a wine that will impress their friends I always suggest one of the Premiere Napa Valley wines that we have purchased.”

The week of November 11, 2019 marks the first Premiere Napa Valley Release Week, when these storied wines become available to collectors and others who treasure distinctive wines that very few people will ever enjoy.

To mark the occasion, retailers and restaurateurs are having events around the world to celebrate the release of the latest vintages of Premiere wines, including tasting and winemaker events.

“Sharing stories of the craftsmanship and creativity by which these wines are made with our customers is a very satisfying experience for our staff,” noted Jonathan Blue, Chairman and Managing Director, Liquor Barn-Party Mart in Louisville, KY. “Introducing customers to this level of winemaking excellence creates a real connection with us and with the winemakers who put so much thought and passion into these wines. It is a great honor for us to bring these world-class Napa Valley wines to our customers in the wonderful Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

To view the current portfolio of Premiere Napa Valley wines and where to purchase them and check out 2019 Premiere Napa Valley Release week events, visit premierenapavalley.com.

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