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Amy Prosenjak Promoted to CEO of A to Z Wineworks


A to Z Wineworks announces the promotion of Amy Prosenjak to President and Chief Executive Officer, and the transition of Bill Hatcher from Chief Executive Officer to Chair of the Board. Ms. Prosenjak joined A to Z shortly after its acquisition of REX HILL winery in 2007 as the company’s Chief Financial Officer and was promoted to President in 2014. Throughout her tenure, she has worked closely with A to Z’s four founders, Bill Hatcher, Deb Hatcher, Cheryl Francis, and Sam Tannahill.

Bill Hatcher notes that “Amy’s promotion to CEO represents the culmination of a decade of A to Z’s growth as a leading Oregon winery and Amy as an exemplary leader. This strategic succession planning reflects the deliberate manner in which we’ve grown our business’ capabilities and overall size.”

When Ms. Prosenjak relocated to Oregon to join A to Z in 2007, the winery was producing roughly 80,000 cases a year. The winery created its dedicated sales force in 2011 and recently accelerated its marketing investment to now be one of the top-selling wineries in the state producing more than 350,000 cases a year. Amy oversaw corresponding growth in the winery’s infrastructure completing the current complex before the 2016 harvest. Under her leadership, A to Z Wineworks became a certified B Corporation in 2014, and was named Oregon’s first ‘Hot Brand’ award winner by Impact in both 2017 and 2018.

Prior to A to Z, Ms. Prosenjak held finance roles for furniture manufacturer American Signature and apparel conglomerate The Limited. She is an active community volunteer, including fundraising for the Virginia Garcia Foundation, as well as sitting on the boards of both Literary Arts and Linfield College.

Amy reflects, “At the end of a day at A to Z, I love walking around the campus to chat with people as they wrap up their day and notice the sunset over the vineyard. We are so fortunate to live and work in Oregon, where together we grow and craft delicious wines that authentically reflect this beautiful place.”

About A to Z Wineworks

A to Z Wineworks offers aristocratic wines at democratic prices ™ capturing “The Essence of Oregon ™” by sourcing from vineyards across the state and carefully blending wines true to their variety. 100% Oregon sourced and based, A to Z sets the standard for wines that thrive in cool climates: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Riesling. A to Z Wineworks has been recognized as a ‘Best for the World’ company every year since certifying as a B Corp in May 2014.

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