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New Jake Lorenzo Book Investigates Wine Country with a Smile


Final Surveillance: Wine Country Stories Is a Brilliant Insider’s View of the Wine Industry

SONOMA, California (September 23, 2019)—Just in time for harvest, Wine Patrol Press has a special gift this year. Final Surveillance: Wine Country Stories by Jake Lorenzo is the fifth collection of inspired articles by Wine Country’s most audacious author. This new tome is still filled with Jake’s trademark humor, but also exhibits some of Jake’s most moving, insightful writing as he tackles the Wine Country fires and their aftermath.

Jake Lorenzo writes with power, passion and a wild sense of humor. Any subject is fair game, and Jake pulls no punches. No other voice speaks more passionately or eloquently for the people who live and work in Wine Country. Opinionated, controversial and beloved by cellar rats and winemakers everywhere for speaking the truth, Jake Lorenzo’s writings provide an ongoing historical perspective of the entire wine industry. He seamlessly intersperses fictional characters with real people, placing them in unique situations, and weaving the whole mishmash into mesmerizing stories. There is no source from which you will learn more about the inner workings of the wine industry. There is no source that will infuse your learning with more chuckles and outright laughter.

Future Surveillance has garnered glowing reviews. Dan Gordon, editor of Wines and Vines says, “Jake Lorenzo is both the Dashiell Hammett and John Steinbeck of American wine writers.” Ronn Wiegand from Restaurant Wine declares, “Fun, unpredictable, insightful, even brilliant . . .”  Comedians love Jake Lorenzo too, “Like Sam Spade, but with a carafe instead of a .38,” jokes Doug Davies.

Jake Lorenzo is the pseudonym for legendary Sonoma winemaker Lance Cutler. Cutler is most famously known as Sonoma County’s Winemaker of the Year in 1983, for high-jacking the Napa Wine Train and for almost single-handedly bringing a sense of humor to the fine wine business.  He is also the author of The Tequila Lover’s Guide to Mexico. Final Surveillance is the fifth Jake Lorenzo book published by Wine Patrol Press. Final Surveillance: Wine Country Stories is available exclusively through Wine Patrol Press. Retail price is $18.95. Substantial discounts are available with quantity purchases.

For ordering information please email lctoon@winepatrol.com or call Wine Patrol Press directly at (707) 996-5730.



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