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Columbus Wine and Spirits on Becoming a Net-Zero Carbon Company


Columbus Wine and Spirits is now purchasing Verified Certified Carbon offsets to mitigate the carbon footprint of our operations including energy inputs for employee commuting, business travel, office operation and the shipment of all imports to our warehouse in Edison, NJ. We are currently calculating our carbon impact for the entire 2019 calendar year, but as an initial commitment, we will purchase 10 metric tons of carbon offsets, which is equivalent to the carbon produced by ten round trip flights from New York to San Francisco.

We are working with terrapass to find worthwhile projects to invest in, to offset our carbon footprint. terrapass supports specific carbon offset standards, which assure transparency and quality in the creation, quantification, and verification of offset projects. Developed by The Climate Group, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is a global benchmark standard for project-based, voluntary, greenhouse gas emission reductions and removals.

We believe that bringing wines to market from around the world allows us to share a part of the culture from distant places. By minimizing the negative impact of the carbon generated in the long-distance shipping, we are making all wine “local” from a carbon footprint point of view.

We at Columbus Wine and Spirits firmly believe it is our responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of shipping these wines from around the world. Like our producers and their consumers, we are concerned with gentle agricultural practices and the environmental impact of the products they create and consume.

About terrapass

Terrapass is the brainchild of Dr. Karl Ulrich at the University of Pennsylvania. Along with 41 of his students, Karl launched terrapass in October 2004 as a way to help everyday people reduce the climate impact of their driving. Within its first year, terrapass registered over 2,400 members, reduced 36 million pounds of CO2, and earned national press and countless blog articles. www.terrapass.com

About Columbus Wine and Spirits

Columbus Wine and Spirits is a sales and marketing company currently representing Wine and Spirits producers from the US, France, and Spain. The current portfolio includes Three Meadows Spirits-Peony Vodka-NY, Domaine de Papolle Bas-Armagnac & Côte de Gascogne wines-FR, Mery-Melrose Cognac-FR, Cuna de Reyes-Rioja SP, Bodegas Mocén-Rueda SP, Conde de Artoiz-Navarra SP, Rued Winery-Dry Creek CA, Sarah’s Vineyard-Santa Clara Valley CA. It is our objective to bring independent family estates to discerning distributors across the US. Currently, we are working with distributors in ten US markets. www.columbuswineandspirits.com

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