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Rías Baixas Wines Heads to TexSom


Region Sponsors Educational Conference Lunch Led by Advanced Sommelier Kat Thomas

NEW YORK, NY (August 7, 2019) — Rías Baixas Wines is heading to TexSom this August to showcase a range of styles during a sponsored sold-out educational conference lunch geared toward industry professionals interested in getting a quick, but information-packed immersion into the region and its wines. Led by Advanced Sommelier Kat Thomas, the International Training Manager for Wine at Hakkasan Group, the session will delve into all aspects of Rías Baixas Wines including sub-regions, terroir, climate, history, winemaking techniques, and sustainability.

Having traveled to Rías Baixas last year, Thomas will be providing firsthand insights into her experience with the wineries, winemakers, regional representatives, and places she visited during her trip. The lunch is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, August 20, from 11:30-1:00PM.

Find additional information and updates at www.ríasbaixaswines.com.


Denomination of Origin (DO) Rías Baixas is renowned for the Albariño grape, an indigenous variety that produces some of the world’s foremost white wines. Located in the Galicia region of northwestern Spain, the DO was formally established in 1988. Albariño has always been the flagship of this coastal region. In Rías Baixas’ unique climate, Albariño shares the same mineral-rich soils and cool climate as the world’s other renowned white wine-producing regions, including France’s Loire Valley, New Zealand, and the Rhine region of Germany.


TexSom was founded in 2005 as the Texas Sommelier Conference by Master Sommeliers (then Advanced Sommeliers) James Tidwell and Drew Hendricks to help promote professional wine service standards, outline paths for further beverage education and certification, and raise public awareness about professional standards and certifications for sommeliers. What began as an opportunity for Texas sommeliers to learn and train evolved into an international event for beverage professionals from all tiers of the industry to network and grow.



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