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KeyKeg to Provide Sustainable Packaging at This Year’s Great British Beer Festival


Following the news that the Great British Beer Festival will partner with four craft breweries to deliver a live kegged beer area for the first time ever, KeyKeg has agreed to provide high quality and sustainable kegs for the event.

Their containers will supply the Pioneer Pavilion which will feature craft kegged beers from Tiny Rebel, Siren Craft, Wild Beer and Magic Rock throughout the festival. Taking place from 6 – 10 August 2019, the Great British Beer Festival brings together hundreds of UK and international breweries and thousands of beer enthusiasts to celebrate beer and ciders at London’s iconic Olympia exhibition centre.

KeyKeg will work closely with festival organisers to ensure that it is the most environmentally friendly festival to date and will be hosting a dedicated area with a specially designed compressor to crush the KeyKegs used before they are taken away for recycling. The aim is to educate the brewing industry about KeyKeg’s circular design, which reduces its environmental impact compared to other packaging formats, and how to tap into the OneCircle recycling initiative set up by the firm.

KeyKegs can be recycled as part of the existing waste stream or through the global OneCircle initiative and used to make new KegKegs.  Currently, 30% of a KeyKeg is made from recycled material but the ambition is to make the kegs fully circular and OnceCircle is a big part of meeting that goal.

Commenting on KeyKeg’s role at the Festival, Annemieke Hartman, Board Director at KeyKeg, said: “There has been a great deal of discussion about the need for more sustainable packaging in the brewing industry,  so we have proactively created a collection community for our kegs so that they can be recycled and the material reused in new kegs – this is an industry first.”

Catherine Tonry, Great British Beer Festival Organiser adds: “Introducing live keg beer is a real festival first, and we’re really pleased to be able to work with KeyKeg to deliver this festival offering in an environmentally friendly way.  Usually cask beer is a greener option because they tend to be reusable, however, the unique features of KeyKeg design allows us to deliver high-quality beers in a responsible and sustainable way.”

In addition to its sustainability credentials, KeyKeg also provides premium protection for draught beverages like beer, cider and wine, ensuring they reach the consumer as fresh as the day they were produced, thanks to the unique bag technology which provides double the shelf life of other PET kegs.

For more information about KeyKeg’s products and services, visit www.keykeg.com.  To find out more about OneCircle and the recycling initiatives already launched in the UK, visit www.onecircle.world

KeyKeg is serving thousands of happy customers from warehouses and sales offices spread worldwide and production facilities in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom and the company’s native Netherlands. The production line in Spain will be opened in 2019. Across all continents, breweries, winemakers, producers of soft drinks and other beverages are making the switch to KeyKeg and Unikeg.

Sustainable packaging solution

The family owned business has an eye for the long term and especially for the environment. For this reason OneCircle (www.onecircle.world) was launched to create and implement collection networks in a number of countries and, where possible, adding to the existing waste streams.

To date, OneCircle has started successful collection and recycling projects in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and Belgium and is exploring effective networks in other countries around the globe.

One Circle’s activities are continuous work in progress, but we are committed to taking responsibility for the end of life of our kegs and to partnering with relevant businesses to create a circular economy.

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