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Oenoppia and FIVS Sign a Memorandum of Understanding


Geneva, Switzerland (Monday, 15 April 2019): Oenoppia and FIVS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 12 July 2019 during the opening ceremony  on the second day of FIVS’s 2019 Meetings at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. The two federations, which are involved in different areas of the wine trade, have been working together to promote a successful and sustainable global alcohol beverage sector.

Oenoppia is a trade association of producers focusing on oenological products while FIVS is a federation comprised mainly of companies and trade associations in the alcohol beverage sector. The memorandum recognises the close relationship between the two associations and the mutually beneficial joint projects underway.

Stéphane La Guerche, General Manager of Oenoppia, congratulated FIVS for its work in the technical and scientific arena and stated, “It has been a privilege to work together with FIVS on such worthwhile projects as our jointly released guidelines regarding what information should routinely be expected and made available when oenological products are purchased by wine producers. This new agreement is intended to facilitate further collaborative efforts, helping to ensure the continued production of first-rate products that consumers can enjoy.”

FIVS President Greg Hodson commented, “I am so pleased that FIVS and Oenoppia have entered into a partnership allowing us to build on our work together in recent years. The results will be of great value to wine producers and oenological products suppliers around the world.”

The newly signed MoU will enable parties to take advantage of each other’s expertise, as well as to share information and promote educational efforts, bolstering the effectiveness of the two organisations.

For further information, please contact Stéphane La Guerche at [email protected] or Bennett Caplan at [email protected].

Oenoppia (www.oenoppia.com) is an international association comprised of producers of oenological products. Oenoppia members represent approximately 85% of all oenological products used by wine makers throughout the world.

FIVS (www.fivs.org) is a Paris-based, non-profit organisation founded in 1951 that serves all sectors of the alcohol beverage industry. The organisation has over 50 members from more than 24 countries and includes companies, distributors, importers, exporters, and trade associations.

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