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FIVS-Abridge Launches “FIVS-Abridge Spirits” at the FIVS Geneva Conference


An International Regulations Database that is Expanding to Meet Global Demand

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, July 12, 2019 – A comprehensive interactive online databank of regulations and international agreements for the spirits industry was launched by FIVS-Abridge (http://www.fivs-abridge.com) at the 2019 FIVS Meetings in Geneva held at the Hotel President Wilson.

“FIVS-Abridge was introduced over ten years ago as the wine industry’s first fully searchable database for international regulations and agreements,” said Greg Hodson, president of FIVS, a Paris-based international organisation serving wine, beer, and spirits interests from 23 countries and the European Union. “The site has always offered an easy way to instantaneously locate hard-to-find regulations and trade pacts from around the world for wine – and now it covers distilled spirits.”

The database is for professionals involved in the spirits and wine trade sectors. Subscribers are provided with up-to-the-minute information on international regulations on methods of analysis, definitions, production, composition, labelling, and tariffs. The site also allows users to access the myriad of relevant multilateral, regional, and bilateral trade agreements.

FIVS Abridge Spirits includes 15 markets, with plans to expand to additional countries and to increase the breadth of regulatory topics. This additional version is housed with the wine version of the database, which includes over 35 markets, as well as relevant international organisations.

The database enables users to readily access regulation and agreement text in English. Regulatory data for different countries can be viewed in side-by-side comparisons according to topic. FIVS-Abridge includes a vast collection of market and industry reports and a comprehensive list of key national and international contacts. The database provides tips on particularly complex rules via explanatory notes and hover-boxes, a tool allowing for a comparison of current texts with the previous versions, and many other exciting features.

FIVS-Abridge is overseen by FIVS-Abridge LLC, located in Bethesda, Maryland and is constantly updated with new regulatory developments.

For a free 15-day restricted trial offer or to subscribe to the service, contact Laurel Parker, Manager, FIVS-Abridge, 7315 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 400 West Bethesda, MD 20814. Phone: 843 324 7612; e-mail: [email protected]

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