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Atlas Wine Co. Releases New, Low Calorie, Low Alcohol, Chardonnay Developed from Its R&D Division “The Lab”


(Napa, CA) – The Napa-based winery, Atlas Wine Co. is excited to announce Oro Bello Light, the first product to be officially launched from their new beverage incubator, Atlas Wine Co LAB.

The current consumer trend of placing significant emphasis on health and wellness, when it comes to food and beverage purchasing decisions, gave the R&D team at Atlas Wine Co. a clear direction on which to focus. At only 85 Calories and 9.3% ABV per serving, Oro Bello Light fills a considerable gap in the alcoholic beverage sector by supplying a low calorie, low alcohol, vegan-friendly wine while preserving the craft nature of real wine. Oro Bello Light is a true Chardonnay whose quality isn’t compromised by any additional ingredients to compensate for its lower alcohol content. The serving facts (including Calories, Carbs, Fat, and Protein), which have been provided by an FDA approved lab, are boldly listed on the label so that consumers can make informed choices instead of using perception or misinformation. As with all the products from Atlas Wine Co’s brands, OMEN, and Oro Bello wines, all the ingredients are also listed, and sulfites are kept to a bare minimum.


Oro Bello Light comes in a BPA free 375ml can and is available now at a suggested retail price of $6.99

For more information about Atlas Wine Co, OMEN and ORO BELLO wines, please visit www.atlaswineco.com. Join in: #omenwine #thisisagoodsign #orobellowine

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