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One Year After Merger, VineView Continues Expanding Its Reach


Since merging with SkySquirrel Technologies, VineView has lowered the costs of its services, launched new technologies – including the VineView app – and bolstered its core team. 

June 26, 2019 (Napa, Calif.) – VineView, the world’s leading provider of vineyard remote sensing technology for crop diagnostics, continues to strategically expand its reach and launch new precision farming tools since its merger with Canadian tech company SkySquirrel Technologies, Inc.

In addition to releasing the industry’s most accurate crop data tool, PureVine™, in the last year it has also launched the VineView App, created beta programs for disease detection, and grown its team of experts. Additionally, it has significantly expanded its customer base of growers throughout France, California, Australia and New Zealand.

“It’s officially been a year since the merger, and I’m pleased to report the integration has not only been seamless, it is exceeding our expectations for fueling our strategic expansion and new technology development,” says CEO Richard van der Put. “This one-year milestone represents an ideal time to share where VineView is, and where we’re heading.”

Here is a rundown of some of VineView’s key developments since its merger.

Launched PureVine™ – Providing the Most Accurate Crop Data Available

VineView’s proprietary imaging system captures data on each vine and canopy. Coupled with its proprietary algorithm-driven processing and data analysis, VineView arms vineyard managers with vine-by-vine diagnostics. PureVine™ can identify undetected vines and canopy gaps, and the diagnostics can divide blocks into precise vigor zones, allowing tracking throughout the season, and year to year. PureVine™ is also a powerful tool for crop yield estimates.

Reduced Costs to Growers

Founded in 2002, VineView’s has long provided the industry’s most advanced crop diagnostics available. The merger has provided the scale necessary to reduce VineView’s costs, allowing more growers to use our proprietary technology. 

Launched the VineView App

Thanks to the merger, VineView launched its new app ahead of schedule and will soon release the mobile version, placing its proprietary technology in the pockets of growers to access crop analysis and make actionable decisions virtually anywhere. What’s unique about the app is its ability to convert VineView’s enhanced images and maps into hard data – from vine counts and acreage to vigor zone levels – with a single click. 
On the Horizon

Since its inception, VineView has always focused on developing new precision farming technologies to help growers meet their business goals, drive sustainability, save time, maximize profits and improve quality. The merger has allowed for the funding and manpower to bring these tools to market sooner. Currently, VineView is developing diagnostics and running beta trials on several fronts, including leaf roll and red blotch detection, and precise water-stress tools.
New Team Members

Shaun Johansen, Chief Technical Officer
Previously, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Velo Industries (formerly Eyeball Inc.), Johansen has worked with a number of technology companies on multiple continents creating and optimizing software, from low-level computer graphics and server solutions to web architectures and operating systems. Johansen graduated in programming from the Centre for Geographic Sciences in 1998.

Brook Murphy, PhD, Viticulture Client Liaison
With 25 years of experience in studying and working with vineyards, Murphy leads the VineView viticulture team, and works with growers in assessing data, and provides solution-focused feedback to help vineyard uniformity, lower labor costs and improve quality.

Kim Sonnichsen, VP of Sales
Sonnichsen has spent her career helping customers harness the power of raw data to boost their bottom lines. Before joining VineView, she built and led client relations teams in London, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand for Euromonitor International.

Leah Heil, California Client Manager
A West Point grad and former Army Captain, Heil has extensive experience as a senior geospatial analyst at both Radiant Solutions and MDA Information Systems. Heil is adept at working with customers to tailor VineView’s technology to meet their business goals.

New Advisory Board Members

Kelly Bobbitt
Regional Manger for Vineyard Development (GIS), Mike Bobbitt & Associates, California

Mario Nascimento, PhD
Chair, Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta

Jonathan Rodwell
Former Director of Viticulture and Winemaking, Devonian Coast Wineries, Nova Scotia

About VineView

Named one of Canada’s most innovative tech companies by the Canadian Innovation Exchange, VineView is an international award-winning provider of crop health diagnostics for vineyards. We arm growers with the industry’s most accurate crop intelligence available, allowing them to make evidence-based manage­ment decisions to drive sustainability, optimize labor, lower costs, maximize yields and improve quality. For more information, please visit, VineView.com.

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