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Consumers Clearly Prefer Smaller Sizes of Wine-in-a-Can. Ask TTB to Allow 250ml Single-Size


Study Authors: Dr. Robert Williams Jr., from WICresearch.com; Dr. Helena Williams, and Matthew Bauman, from Texas Tech University

Recent research by WICresearch.com which involved a survey of 1,700 respondents, along with our proprietary database of over 300 winemakers who offer nearly 800 SKU’s of wine-in-a-can, reveals that while 79% of consumers prefer smaller sizes of wine-in-a-can; only 58% of producers of wine-in-a-can are offering their wine in these smaller sizes.

This presents opportunities to better satisfy the consumer.

Our study “2019 Wine-in-a-Can Market Implications” (WICR-2018-01-FR) found that four of the six key drivers of the wine-in-a-can market are associated with can size: Convenience, Occasion, Sustainability and Portion control/Variety sampling. We found:

  • 43% of consumers prefer the 250ml size format, while 50% of producers offer it (in 4 packs)
  • 36% of consumers prefer the 187ml size, while only 8% of producers offer it
  • Only 21% of consumers prefer the 375ml format, while 42% of producers offer it

According to current TTB regulations, the 250ml cans must be packaged in either a 3 or 4-pak, while the 187ml and 375ml sizes can be sold as single-serve. We are convinced that if the TTB changes the regulations to allow sales of wine-in-a-can in a single 250ml size, the total wine market will grow in order to satisfy consumer preferences.

The law firm of Hinman & Carmichael LLP, from San Francisco, CA, recently prepared Comments to be filed with the TTB in Rulemaking No. 176, in favor of the 250ml Standard of Fill for wine. “…This has become a very important issue for many wineries.”

While our database lists two wine producers who offer their wine-in-a-can product in all three sizes: 187ml single-serve; 250ml 3/4 pack; 375ml single-serve, passage of this 250ml Standard of Fill allows the market to decide how to best satisfy the needs of the consumer, one can at a time.

We urge you to support these Comments by contacting the TTB, regarding Docket No. TTB2018-007, NPR No. 176: Modernization of the Labeling and Advertising Regulations for Wine, Distilled Spirits, and Malt Beverages.

Hinman and Carmichael referred to our report in their petition; “This study [WICR-2018-01 FR] is the most thorough analysis of the wine-in-a-can market.” For a copy of Hinman & Carmichael’s Comments, or a free copy of the report WICR-2018-01-FR, visit WICresearch.com, or contact us at [email protected].

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