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OENODIA Announces Simon Forrester as New Project Engineer and Technical Support Manager for North America


May 22, 2019, Napa CA — OENODIA North America is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Forrester as their new Project Engineer and Technical Support Manager

Simon will be responsible for overseeing all technical and engineering requisites for new installations as well as the ongoing delivery of excellence in technical support and services to North American clients.

As a chemical engineer, primarily from the world of biotechnology and sustainable chemistry, his background and experience in purification methods for innovative fermentation processes, lends itself well to helping work towards a more environmentally-friendly future in the winemaking industry. 

“I am delighted to be a part of the Oenodia North America team,” said Simon “I am passionate about doing more with less. Less intrusive processes for the wine; less additives; less product waste and less impact on the environment in the form of reduced energy consumption.”

He added “By promoting and supporting processes such as STARS, that improves the quality of wines, and at the same time increasing sustainability within the industry, allows me to make a positive impact both for our customers and the planet.”

Simon’s familiarity with proposing technical solutions in a production environment means that he understands the importance of communicating well with the winemakers and operators and, above all, keeping safety in the winery at the forefront.

You can contact Simon at [email protected] or call 707.710.1827


OENODIA is the oenology division of Eurodia Industrie S.A, (France) one of the world’s leading specialists in membrane-based treatments for the agri-food industry. OENODIA®, provides membrane based eco-processes used for tartaric stabilization, acidification, de-acidification, and cross-flow filtration of wines. 

OENODIA NORTH AMERICA, opened in Napa in 2015. The location provides direct support and service to the growing number of wineries utilizing the STARS (Specific Tartrate Removal System) and STARS Mobile Service.

For more information about OENODIA, visit www.oenodia.us

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