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How Does Your Wine-in-a-Can Stand Up Versus Your Competitors?


Join participants from 7 countries and 8 states this July 24th, in the International Canned Wine Competition. Details are at cannedwinecompetition.com

Categories include:White, Red, Rosé, Sparkling Wines (non-carbonated), Carbonated Wines, and Wine Coolers/Spritzers.

“Can” you beat over 25 wineries (and counting): Quello, Joiy, Oro Bello, Sprizzeri, Bev, Butternut, Canned Oregon, Cascadian Outfitters, Ramona, Synfully Sweet, Surf and Swim, Ferdinand, Bridge Lane, Dancing Coyote, Misty Cove, House Wine, Companion Wines, Bling, Sterling, Daft Pink, The Infinite Monkey Theorem, Uncommon Wine, Winestar or Wine Society?

To compete, Registration and entries are done through Enofile at: https://enofileonline.com/landing.aspx?competitionID=2506.

To facilitate customs for international entries, please email [email protected]. The International Canned Wine Competition will cover their fees.

All canned beverages that contain grape wine as a component are eligible. The product must be commercially available somewhere in the world on July 24, 2019.