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BECODISC R+: The Next Generation of Backflushable and Extra Robust Stacked Disc Cartridges for Maximum Service Life in Wine and Beer Filtration


Langenlonsheim, Germany … The Filtration Division of energy management company Eaton has integrated a new generation of stacked disc cartridges using BECOPAD® premium depth filter sheets into its range of products to provide a more efficient and cost-effective stacked disc cartridge filtration. The new BECODISC® R+ range comprises of eight backflushable and extra robust variants with expanded filter surface area that can be used for coarse, clarifying and fine filtration as well as for microbial reduction and microbial removal filtration of wine and beer.

The individual filter cells are produced using extra-efficient BECOPAD premium depth filter sheets made of high-purity cellulose. High assembly pressure is applied to join the cells with an intermediate layer of multi-layer polyester fabric to produce a very robust and compact unit. The honeycombed polyester fabric fills the space between the individual filter cells, forming a cushion. This allows for optimum inflow into each filter cell and optimum use of the entire filter surface area of the stacked disc cartridge. During the regeneration process, it provides the stacked disc cartridges with the necessary robustness for a minimum of 20 cycles and helps to protect the depth filter sheets against damage, such as tearing or bursting, caused by water pressure.

The new polyester fabric also made it possible to optimize the space between the filter cells, allowing an additional filter cell to be incorporated into the stacked disc cartridge without increasing the overall height. This results in a filter surface area of 43.1 ft² (4 m²) for the 16-inch model and 22.6 ft² (2.1 m²) for the 12-inch model.

During the regeneration process, the new BECODISC R+ stacked disc cartridges can be flushed with cold and then hot water at a maximum differential pressure of 7.25 psi (0.5 bar) and 50 – 185 °F (10 – 85 °C) in the direction opposite to the filtration flow. No additional backflushing kit is required.

“For the user, the advantages of the new backflushable BECODISC R+ stacked disc cartridges are obvious,” says Katharina Sandten, Product Manager in Eaton’s Filtration Division. “Top filtration performance, extremely long service life, maximum filter surface area and flexible reutilization following regeneration. This combination is of particular advantage to craft brewers, winemakers, and bottlers who want to filter a wide range of products using a single filtration system.”

The new BECODISC R+ stacked disc cartridges are available with flat adapters and silicon gaskets and meet national and international quality standards set by the LFGB (German Food, Commodity and Feed Act), the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and EU regulations (EU 10/2011). These stacked disc cartridges can be used in a variety of stacked disc cartridge housings and filtration systems, including BECO INTEGRA DISC™ housings and in both manual and automatic StepFlow™ filtration systems made by Eaton. The product line is completed by the comprehensive technical application service on site.

If you would like an Eaton representative to contact you or if you wish to obtain additional information about the technical specifications of the new backflushable BECODISC R+ stacked disc cartridges, please visit Eaton.com/BecodiscRplus.

Eaton’s Filtration Division is a leader in liquid filtration that can help companies improve product quality, increase manufacturing efficiency, protect employees and equipment, and help achieve sustainability goals. Eaton employees around the world make a difference for their customers by creating an exceptional customer experience, solving problems with application expertise and developing innovative filtration solutions. Eaton’s filtration products are manufactured and sold worldwide. For more information, visit Eaton.com/filtration.

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