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Laffort USA Names Cayla Dee Porter as Nobile Business Development Manager

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Petaluma, CA April 8, 2019. Laffort USA announce the appointment of Cayla Dee Porter as Nobile Business Development Manager, responsible for all aspects of the Laffort-owned oak alternative producer based in Bordeaux.

Shaun Richardson, General Manager for Laffort USA is excited to bring Cayla Dee onto the team, stating that Nobile now has a representative in the USA who is as passionate about the brand as the founders in France.  Cayla Dee Porter comes to Nobile and Laffort with experience in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino county winemaking roles, as well as extensive experience in sales of wine direct to consumers.

Laffort is a fourth-generation family owned business founded in 1895 with a history of research and discovery in oenology dating back to Pasteur’s seminal works.  The Laffort group is proud to dedicate the largest budget among private companies to Research and Development.  As a result of this extensive research, Laffort holds many patents and regularly launches innovative products and processes for the wine industry.  Laffort holds HACCP and ISO certifications and Laffort USA is the first winemaking products supplier in the US to achieve Green Business Certification.

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