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CANVAS and Workplace Training Network Partner to Present 2 Hour Harassment Training in Wine Country Fulfilling Certification for Mandatory Law in California


If you have more than 5 employees you MUST comply with the new California mandatory Harassment training requirements starting now!

“Our goal is always absorption in our CANVAS trainings. For the May 7th Harassment training, we selected WTN’s uniquely powerful, engaging, highly interactive “edutainment” methodology to provide a presentation with engagement, retention, and internalization,” said Colby Smith Executive Director and Founder of CANVAS. 

Starting Jan. 2019, under CA AB1825/AB2053/SB396/SB1343 companies doing business in California with 5 or more employees (including full-time, part-time, and temporary or contractors) must provide supervisors in California with two hours of sexual harassment training, and employees one-hour of training. It has to happen within 6 months of hire or promotion and again EVERY TWO YEARS. The threshold is met even if most employees and contractors work outside of California. 

Employers must also provide this training to temporary or seasonal employees within 30 calendar days after hire or within 100 hours worked if the employee will work for less than six months. 

Smith further states, “Our industry is not immune to this challenge. Just this year there was a dramatic case in a Los Angeles winery, as well as one here in Napa. As a hospitality driven region in Napa and Sonoma we wanted to offer the support of engaging, effective training.”

Course topics include (but not limited to):

  • Definitions and examples:
    – Harassment: Quid pro quo and Hostile Environment physical, verbal and visual
    – Retaliation
    – Discrimination
    – Abusive conduct
  • State and Federal laws
  • Protected Categories
  • Consequences of discrimination and harassment
  • Supervisory responsibilities and liability
  • Employee complaint procedure
  • Bystander reporting
  • Intent vs. Impact
  • Workplace romance; favoritism
  • Consenting vs. Welcome
  • Power abuse and intimidation
  • 3rd-party non-employees, e.g. contractors, clients, vendors, and temps
  • Off-site work-related activities
  • Cross-cultural conflict
  • Gender identity/expression and sexual orientation
  • Potential for violence
  • Social media and technology
  • Workplace bullying
  • Personal liability
  • Diversity in the workplace

The interactive format includes:

  •  Riveting, realistic “prime-time” episodes performed by WTN’s professional actors/instructors/facilitators
  • Interactive discussion
  • Interactive exercises
  • Role play
  • Skill practice
  • Custom course materials

About Workplace Training Network, Inc., 

Over the past 24 years, WTN courses have engaged hundreds of thousands of executives, managers, and employees in a vast array of industries. They have appeared frequently as workplace experts in the media. Principals, Kit Goldman and Memo Mendez are nationally acclaimed trainers, facilitators, subject matter experts on human and legal issues in the workplace, and professional actors. Their unique “edutainment” methodology harnesses the power of entertainment to enlighten and educate on dozens of workplace topics, and achieves unsurpassed levels of engagement and retention.


The Concierge Alliance of Napa Valley and Sonoma is a dynamic organization comprised of outstanding leaders in the hospitality community. CANVAS Members continually provide guests to Napa and Sonoma with the best possible experiences. And now, through CANVAS – The Experience Magazine (Canvassing Wine Country) and other soon to be launched programs we are sharing that expertise directly with the Wine Enthusiast traveler. To learn more, visit www.conciergealliance.com

For more information on the May 7th training go to http://ConciergeAlliance.com/CANVAS-Events.



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