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Emetry Purchases DTCguru, Expanding Their Direct to Consumer Insights

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NAPA, CALIFORNIA, FEBRUARY 28, 2019. – Emetry closed a deal with ZAM Apps to purchase their direct to consumer (DTC) sales analytics software, DTCguru. The addition of DTCguru’s battle-tested features will accelerate Emetry’s development of instructive and actionable software to wine brands.

DTCguru’s software analyzes customer purchases and provides wine brands prescriptive insights they can leverage to increase sales. Key components include detailed purchase insights to identify spend and trend analysis for each customer and an interactive map that displays state sales performance and customer value segmentation within each state. ZAM Apps has worked closely with its clients, including Flowers Winery and Benovia Winery, to develop relevant features that positively impact revenue.

“Many industry systems create and house your data, but no one does a great job at presenting that information in a way that allows for analysis that can drive action. DTCguru allowed me to ask the questions I wanted of my customer data and present it in a visual display that highlights opportunities or potential threats that can be acted upon. I am excited for what Paul Mabray and the team at Emetry can do to escalate and elevate DTCguru to the entire wine industry,” said Ed Thralls the General Manager at Benovia Winery.

When looking at the current DTC analytics tools there is an overwhelming gap in the types of insights provided. In the past six months, there have been a lot of dashboards pop up. They look nice and present basic information but don’t take the imperative next steps to be instructive and actionable. Information is interesting, but instructive and actionable insights provide far more value and have the ability to really affect the bottom line.

“When we looked at the landscape, only a few tools shared our culture and vision to truly build insights wineries can immediately convert to sales. We look forward to integrating those features into Emetry to keep building better answers for wineries,” said Paul Mabray. Emetry continues to push innovative boundaries, and acquiring DTCguru furthers their efforts to build better answers so wineries can sell more wine.

“With DTCguru, we at ZAM Apps have crafted a solution that provides a way to mine DTC data and provide actionable plans. Behind an easy to use interface, we packed the nerdy, powerful data science magic that is required to shape raw data into insights. This approach has resulted in big wins for our clients. When I looked where to go next to help our clients, having DTCguru become part of Emetry’s offering just made sense. Paul and his team will take this space to the next level,” said Shawn Zizzo.

ABOUT EMETRY: Emetry is a Napa, CA based software company building the future in business insights, data aggregation, analytics and reporting for the wine industry. We are using data to build instructive and actionable insights and a 360-degree view of consumers, their behaviors, competitors, and the market. The collaborative approach we have forged with wineries and data partners is unearthing the answers wine brands need to sell more wine.

ABOUT ZAM APPS: ZAM Apps, Inc. is a Napa, CA based software company that crafts easy to use business applications geared towards the wine and craft beer industries. Founded in 2010, ZAM Apps has built breakthrough business applications including vinoEZ, EZplan, and EZdemand. With a customer-first approach, ZAM Apps prides itself with delivering tools that add immediate business value. For more information, visit: www.zamapps.com

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