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Five New and Interesting Products from the Unified Trade Show


Even if you went to the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium and spent two days visiting the nearly 700 exhibitors on the massive trade show floor, you probably didn’t have a chance to visit every exhibit, and you may have missed some of these interesting finds.


RoboBottle™ is is a sensing device developed by G3 Enterprises to make improve bottling line performance by increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing waste. The RoboBottle goes onto the line like a bottle and uses advanced sensors to help mechanics set up capper heads. Sensors on the top, neck, and shoulders of RoboBottle detect crucial factors such as top-load, thread roller force and pilfer roller force. It communicates wirelessly to G3’s dashboard app, BottGuide, leading the mechanic through the proper set-up procedure step-by-step.

The RoboBottle is only the first product in G3 Enterprises’ visionary vine to glass innovation project that aims to work with partner and collect data that will illuminate how and where processes can be improved to produce a better end product more efficiently.

Message ON the Bottle

ReThink Labels showcased their newest solution called Message ON the Bottle which gives wineries the ability to create outstanding award-winning labels for their brand, with the flexibility to personalize each label with custom messaging.

The system is fast and easy to use. An individual can type in a personalized message using a mobile device or tablet, and the information will be transferred wirelessly to the system and generate the label. It can print enough labels for 200 cases of wine in 30 minutes.

New Diam Origine 5 and Oxygen Release Study

Last year Diam launched the all natural Diam Origine 10 and 30 made with beeswax, which like the classic Diam goes through the Diamant process that disinfect the cork to create a consistent TCA free closure with a reliable oxygen transfer rate. This year Diam added Origine 5 for medium aging wines, but more remarkably, they shared the discovery and subsequent research into the different evolution of wine sealed with Diam 10 classic and Diam 10 Origine.

Diam’s research shows that there are two phases of oxygen from the cork that affects the wine; there’s the Oxygen Initial Release (OIR), which is determined by the amount of oxygen stored inside the cork and impacting the aromas’ development early on and up to six months after bottling. Then the Oxygen Transfer Rate, the speed of oxygen ingress over time, takes over and determines the wine evolution as it ages.

Diam’s observations showed that the Origine 10 had a higher OIR than the Diam 10 Classic with the same OTR. This knowledge can be a helpful tool for winemakers to decide which closure to use depending on their early and long term ageing goals for the wine. An young release of Cabernet Sauvignon might benefit from a more rapid development early on combined with a slower development long term making the Diam Origine the right choice, while the same winemaker might want to preserve the crispness of his Sauvignon Blanc for longer and decide to go with Diam Classic for a lower OIR.

The Oak Lab

Scott Laboratories officially launched The Oak Lab™ at the Unified Symposium. They are an enterprise that is dedicated to oak infusion products. The Oak Lab was founded with the vision of bringing a new perspective to the oak infusion market by developing and embracing new technologies, and re-imagining the process of product trials, selection, and application. They currently have four oak infusion products which can be found at www.theoaklab.com.


Amcor Debuted the Easypeel wine-opening system, a one-piece aluminum capsule engineered to open wine bottles along a clean line, every time. The design protects the bottle and brand appearance from being damaged by rips and tear of capsule that might end up detracting from the aesthetics or entirely removed a capsule that’s intricate to the design and overall presentation of the brand.

Unlike other capsules designed for ease of use, like those that rely on pull tabs, Easypeel incorporates the use of a traditional bottle opener to remove the top of the capsule, but in a way that even the novice consumer can perform as well as the professional sommeliere, leaving a clean cut line and good bottle presentation.