WILKES-BARRE, Pa. – Recently retired former PA Liquor Control Board Chairman Selection Wine and Spirits Buyer Steve Pollack has been named National Sales Director for Legacy in a Glass, a new wine and spirits venture owned by Rick Kornfeld – formerly of the Woodlands Inn & Resort in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Having spent 34 years managing operations and sales in the family hospitality business, Rick’s tenure has granted him a unique insight into the typical experience of the Wine and Spirits end user.

“I met Steve and was immediately captured by his knowledge and experience within the wine industry,” says Kornfeld. “When Steve told me about his goal of starting a wine business, I instantly knew I wanted to be involved.”

Pollack has extensive wine and spirits expertise from his time in the Wine and Spirits industry as the Buyer for the “Chairman’s Selection®” Program for Pennsylvania.

Beginning with a trip to the West Coast, Pollack and Kornfeld’s consulting and representation services will offer a unique vineyard to market opportunity to both growers and wineries. With an emphasis on quality first, they plan to change how people in the industry buy and sell wine and spirits.

About Legacy in a Glass

With over 50 yrs. combined experience in all aspects of the wine and spirits industry, Steve and Jen Pollack have come together to create Legacy in a Glass – the product that defines our relentless pursuit to bring quality back to the shelves. Over the past ten years, we have watched the Wine & Spirits industry become consolidated and dominated by Big Box Brand Companies. These companies offer margin, packaging gimmicks, colorful additives and pretty labels, and allow quality to be lowest priority. Legacy in a Glass will give a unique opportunity to growers, wineries, retailers and suppliers who are tired of buying the same old tired brands from the same old tired companies. We are a one stop shop – able to take your brand from vineyard or distillery to market. We work with a vast network of industry people who have the same mission and we believe the consumer is the most important dynamic for long term success in this industry. We’re making what’s in the bottle as important as what’s on the bottle. Come Join us and let’s start the revolution. Back to Basics.