NAPA, February 12, 2019 – After the worldwide success of Vicard Generation 7 Tannin Selection barrels, Jean-Charles Vicard is proud to announce the launch of weOAK®, offering winemakers the most precise oak alternative on the market today.  weOAK® offers a range of inserts sorted by tannin potential, using the same technology as VICARD GENERATION 7 barrels (analytical selection by tannin level followed by computerized, molecular toasting).  “After receiving incredible response to our technology from winemakers around the world, it just made sense to offer the precision of tannin selection as an oak alternative” said Christy Thomas, Business Development Manager for Vicard Generation 7 in the USA. 

weOAK® staves are available in multiple lengths and widths to fit in tanks, barrels and kegs. As with Vicard Generation 7 barrels, weOAK® wood is rigorously selected, scanned for tannin level, and subjected to the patented molecular toasting process.   Both sizes are available in all 3 tannin levels:

  • weOAK® ORIGINE Low Tannin adds minimal tannins while offering all the benefits and complexities of oak aging. Characterized by fruity, bright notes with a focused palate.
  • weOAK® SYMETRIE Medium Tannin offers an intermediate profile, combining structure and tension while respecting the fruit.
  • weOAK® ENERGIE High Tannin adds structure and roundness, as well as subtle smoky notes.

Group Vicard has one of the largest inventories of stave wood in the industry on their 20-acre wood yard in Cognac, and keep a 3 year supply of wood at all times.  This allows the cooperage to offer oak solutions for any price point.

If you would like information on weOAK® or Vicard Generation 7, please contact: Christy Thomas at [email protected], or at 707-228-5982

About Vicard Generation 7

Jean-Charles Vicard founded the cooperage with a single goal: understand, control and then eliminate all the variables in the coopering process and deliver barrels that have predictable flavor profiles.  Vicard Generation 7 now leads the industry with a completely new approach regarding wood analysis, selection and toasting which ensures barrels are homogeneous and reproducible.  Backed by international research teams and the partnerships of wine and spirit professionals around the world, Vicard Generation 7 is changing the paradigm.