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JNSQ, a New Luxury Wine Brand Launches Nationwide

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A California wine with a French accent, made exclusively for the next generation of women

(Los Angeles, CA, February 5, 2019) – Introducing the first rosé brand created for millennial women that doesn’t talk over them, or down to them. JNSQ Rosé Cru is an easy-to-enjoy luxury wine created in the classic French style and crafted from premium California grapes, giving it both a timeless elegance and a modern attitude. This unprecedented approach to winemaking – and the name gracing the beautifully curvaceous bottle – were inspired by today’s young women setting the world on fire on their own terms, with a certain je ne sais quoi that’s hard to describe but undeniably irresistible.

Both the JNSQ Rosé Cru and its sister varietal, Sauvignon Blanc, will arrive at specialty wine shops in select cities and online at JNSQWines.com just in time for Valentine’s Day. Like the millennial women for whom it was made, JNSQ makes a statement inside the bottle and out. Inspired by the artistry of classic luxury perfume bottles, the JNSQ Rosé Cru’s first-of-its-kind shape and signature rose stopper were designed and manufactured by expert glassmakers in France. The goal was to create a unique bottle whose curves would stand out on the shelf, behind the bar, or in the middle of the table. Long after the wine inside has been enjoyed, the bottle becomes a keepsake for displaying fragrances, bath salts, or even premium water.

“Millennial women and older Gen Z’ers are bringing back an appreciation for quality, craftsmanship and functional beauty,” said Lynda Resnick, vice chair and co-owner of The Wonderful Company. “JNSQ was created specifically for these women and the milestones they are celebrating in their blossoming and exhilarating lives. It’s a wine made with that same shared quality of je ne sais quoi that makes each of these ladies unique, memorable and unstoppable.”

The 2018 JNSQ Rosé Cru is clean and aromatic with a touch of tropical fruit and hints of white peach. The dynamic flavors are accented with red fruit, savory herbal and white floral notes, making it an elegant option for any special occasion, wedding celebration, and as inspirational gifting for everyone you know. Its counterpart, the 2018 JNSQ Sauvignon Blanc, is bright and crisp with notes of citrus and green apple, and hints of tropical fruit. Pear and melon unfold on the palate balancing the subtle floral and savory notes. The clean texture and delicate body make for a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc that can be enjoyed even after spring and summer are long gone.

In another first, the world will get to preview JNSQ Wines in a way befitting an exclusive stylish brand: JNSQ Rosé Cru will debut alongside the Fall/Winter 2019 collection from iconic designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, as the California-born duo bring their runway show to Los Angeles for the first time ever on February 5th.

The brand will be supported by a national marketing campaign titled, “She’s got that…JNSQ.” It includes print, social media, influencer programs, events and high-profile partnerships with iconic female millennial brands.

About JNSQ Wines:

Balanced, refreshing and fabulous, JNSQ™ is a new luxury wine brand that is California-born with a French accent. Inside every collectible bottle is an attitude, style, and a certain je ne sais quoi that is hard to define and impossible to resist. Available as both a Rosé Cru and Sauvignon Blanc, both wines are made with premium grapes sourced from California’s acclaimed Central Coast region. Created by the finest French glass designer, the ornate bottle shape is adorned with two distinctive resealable glass stoppers: a signature sculpted rose on the Rosé Cru bottle, and a glass grape on the Sauvignon Blanc bottle. JNSQ Rosé Cru and Sauvignon Blanc (MSRP $29) will be available February 2019 at specialty wine retailers, top restaurants and hotels nationwide, and online at www.JNSQ.com. For more information follow JNSQ on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest @JNSQWines and #JNSQWines.

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