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Beckstoffer Buys Historic Red Hills Vineyard


Beckstoffer Vineyards Purchases the Beringer Clear Mountain Vineyard in the Red Hills of Lake County from Treasury Wine Estates; Renames it Amber Mountain Vineyard

(Kelseyville, Calif.—January 15, 2019) – Andy Beckstoffer, perhaps the most recognized California grower of wine grapes, announced today that Beckstoffer Vineyards has purchased the 220-acre Clear Mountain Vineyard from Treasury Wine Estates. Beckstoffer will be renaming the vineyard Amber Mountain Vineyard, in recognition of the red volcanic soils of the Red Hills and as a nod to the company’s nearby Red Hills vineyards, Amber Knolls and Crimson Ridge.

The vineyard formerly known as Clear Mountain was planted in the 1980’s by Napa’s Beringer Winery and has long been a hallmark for Cabernet Sauvignon production in the Red Hills. Its grape and wine quality influenced Beckstoffer’s decision to begin his Red Hills involvement in 1997, which subsequently began the modern era of premium vineyard plantings in Lake County.

Since then, Beckstoffer has steadfastly been committed to proving that the Red Hills can produce ultra-premium Cabernet rivaling the best that California has to offer. After first purchasing land in the Red Hills in 1997, in 2004, Andy Beckstoffer and a group of growers established the Red Hills AVA in 2004. In 2016 Beckstoffer Vineyards announced a new Red Hills wine quality research program with outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon winemakers, the results of which shall be announced later in 2019. Additionally, in 2018, Beckstoffer Vineyards further staked its claim in the area, opening their Red Hills Station office.

“We think that the Red Hills has the promise to be the best non-Napa Cabernet Sauvignon in California.  There is only one Napa Valley, but we believe the Red Hills Cabernet Sauvignon has the promise to be the most exciting new wine in the entire global New World of Wines,” said Beckstoffer of the purchase and his company’s ongoing investment in and commitment to the Red Hills.

The Red Hills AVA

Established in 2004, the Red Hills AVA is located in the northern Mayacamas Mountains on the southwest edge of Clear Lake. At the foot of Mount Konocti, the AVA is comprised of dozens of volcanic hills ranging from 1,350 to over 3,700 feet above sea level. Grapes are grown in mountain climate conditions with the majority of the AVA’s acreage planted at or over 2,000 feet allowing for greater levels of sunlight. The exposure to sunlight, combined with low humidity and temperate climate create a perfect growing season, allowing grapes to ripen without dramatic fluctuations, resulting in bright, balanced wines with complex flavor.

After the recent acquisition, Beckstoffer Vineyards will own more than 2,000 acres in the Red Hills of Lake County.


Named “Napa’s most powerful grape grower” by both the Wall Street Journal and Wine Spectator, Beckstoffer Vineyards was founded in 1970. Beckstoffer Vineyards is firmly rooted in the soil of Northern California’s wine country, with Andy Beckstoffer playing an integral role in the evolution of the wine grape industry since 1970.  Joined at the family-owned business by his son David in 1997, they share a common mission – to produce the highest quality grapes in Northern California that form the foundation for exceptional wines – and a combined passion for the land and viticulture expertise.

At the forefront of land conservation and labor practices, Beckstoffer Vineyards is committed to bringing agricultural sensitivity, business acumen and technology to the industry as a whole, and to each of the communities in which they do business.

In total, Beckstoffer Vineyards owns and farms roughly 4000 acres of vineyards in Napa Valley, Mendocino County and the Red Hills of Lake County, including some of Napa’s most historic and iconic vineyard properties. The six Heritage Vineyards, with origins dating back to the 19th century, include To Kalon, Dr. Crane, Bourn, Las Piedras, Georges III and Missouri Hopper. Each vineyard has a history and provenance that is unparalleled in California, offering a combination of soil and climate that have historically produced the highest quality Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for the finest wines.

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