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New Technology and Products from Winesecrets


Winesecrets’ top priorities based on your feedback in 2019 will be the highlight of our booth. Smoke Taint treatment both in full scale as well as trial proof of concept, released in 2019 is our new smoke taint treatment method. Also new in 2019, ultrahigh color wine for blending. Ensuring your wine is a desirable color for the consumer, UX-520 is a ultrahigh color wine that will enhance the look without compromising the feel and texture of the wine. Our newest piece of equipment will also make an appearance at the Winesecrets booth, the new Test Track. Come see our new technology at the Winesecrets booth.

UWGS Booth: 1218

Winesecrets is “Helping Winemakers make better wines and build better wineries!” We strive to make winemaking more effective and efficient by offering power and capability to top wine producers through the newest global technologies and innovation.

We strive to make winemaking more effective and efficient by offering powerful tools and innovative capability to top wine producers through the newest global technologies and innovation.

What’s The Secret?

Wineries have enough worries these days without having to wonder how to fine tune their wines for today’s market. The solution is working with a company who can go out and research the best available tools for the needs of the industry.

Working with wineries throughout North America since 2001, Winesecrets has solutions for many common issues facing wineries. Winesecrets offers services at hubs throughout North America (including California, Oregon and Washington) as well as coming to winery facilities to provide these value-added technologies:

Bench Scale Targeted Filtration Test Track

It is important to understand the impact of various treatments on a small scale before processing large volumes in the winery. Test Track allows you to conduct bench trials on all available Winesecrets process options, to include:

  • Ultrafilter wine to understand the benefits of intensifying color or flavor.
  • Conduct alcohol removal and alcohol addition trials to find the perfect concentration for your wine’s structure.
  • Understand the impact of taint removal including Brettanomyces, smoke taint, volatile acidity, geranium taint, sulfur-like odors (SLO)and pyrazine from under-ripe fruit, Asian lady beetles and stink bugs.

Use Test Track bench trials and Winesecrets’ 15 years of experience to mitigate off-aromas and unidentifiable characteristics in a wine.


Winemaking challenges can come from many sources: environmental conditions, cellar practices, Marketing, mechanical failure or corporate edict. You can address these challenges. Winesecrets can guide you with an array of value added services:

  • Taint Removal: remove undesirable characters from your wine to bring out its true expression. Taints include: Volatile acidity, Smoke Taint & Environmental Taints, Brettanomyces, Unknown Taints
  • Alcohol Removal: reduce alcohol concentration to optimize flavor and aroma, reduce tax burden or match label requirement
  • Crossflow Clarification: Fast efficient wine filtration with very low volume loss
  • Color Concentration: Ultrafiltration to legally intensify red wine color or lighten white wine shade
  • Flash Détente: minimize skin contact with loss of color when environmental factors dictate (smoke, botrytis, mold, rain, under ripeness)


Winesecrets offers two distinct products for wine color and alcohol concentration optimization. UX-520 High Color Wine is a 100% vinifera high intensity red wine colorant product. Premium Grape Spirits are grape derived alcohol for additions and sanitation requirements.

  • UX-520 High Color Wine: UX-520 is a concentrated vinifera red wine. Produced with a patent pending process of Flash Détente and Ultrafiltration, UX-520 will intensify red wine color increasing intensity without the sugar that comes from concentrate products.
  • Premium Grape Spirits: Winesecrets offers Premium Grape Spirits. Distilled from wine, these products with three levels of alcohol content (170, 180 & 190 proof), will provide you with the alcohol you need to meet stylistic requirements, ABV regulations and spot sanitation needs.

Engineered Solutions

Are your production and scheduling needs leading you towards purchasing a dedicated system? Winesecrets provides systems for winery applications at your site, assuring proper installation, commissioning and operability. For more information, click on a Targeted Filtration System the best fits your needs below.

  • Boutique
  • Artisan
  • Medium
  • Production
  • Corporate

With the proper tools, you can fine tune your wine to its full potential – and Winesecrets has the tools to assist you! Winesecrets is North America’s exclusive supplier of quality wine fitration solution from Eurodia/Ameridia (France), Memstar (Australia) and Della Toffola (Italy)

Production & Packaging

Winesecrets offers proof of concept packaging and beverage development. Most packaging options are available and Winesecrets has the capacity and technology to create the product you specify:

  • Cans, crown cap bottles, bags or wine bottles
  • Access to Winesecrets technologies to add or remove alcohol, concentrate color, remove taints
  • Produce and package lots as small as 240 gallons

Winesecrets Proof of Concept offering puts your desired product in the packaging you need to make decisions regarding further investment.

Trade Show Guide

 Explore the 2019 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium featured exhibitors:

Business Management

Human Resources






Production Services


Tasting Room




For a full list of exhibitors, go to www.unifiedsymposium.org/trade-show. You can also follow what’s happening on the trade show floor and conference sessions on twitter #UWGS.

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