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The Beauty of Wine Math – Increase Your Understanding of Winemaking Numbers and Calculations

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“Incredibly succinct…covered an enormous amount of information…loved that it wasn’t strictly about the numbers, but how the numbers affect quality and style.”

Françoise Peschon, Winemaker & Owner, Drinkward Peschon

 “I would recommend this seminar to a friend or colleague.”

Dr. Jan Krupp, Owner, Krupp Brothers Winery & Estate

Wine is fascinating. Across the globe – terroirs and languages vary; however, the use of numbers in winemaking is universal. Meristem Learning is excited to present this unique, ½ day seminar that will focus on the numbers used in the process of winemaking. Great wines start in the vineyard – this seminar will start at the time of harvest and follow the wine to bottling. Our instructor, Consulting Winemaker Matthew Glynn, describes this delve into Oenonumerology as “a chance to spend time reviewing the use of numbers in the winemaking process.” This seminar is aimed at individuals that are eager to learn more about the details of winemaking but have not had the opportunity to learn through the lens of a winemaker with more than a quarter century experience in four countries.

The material covered in some topics will hopscotch through an ethical hot zone – without passing judgement – and let the numbers tell the story. Analytical values associated with red wine extraction will be discussed followed by sulfur dioxide calculations. To filter or not to filter – is not such a simple question. What do you mean by “coarse filtration?” We will touch briefly on a few other numbers surrounding corked wine (Trichloroanisole concentrations) and smoke taint, as well as many other topics. Increase your understanding of:

  • Maturation indicators
  • Juice additions and adjustments
  • Final alcohol predictions
  • Nutrient calculations
  • Extraction measurements
  • Cellar temperature and humidity
  • Sulfur dioxide calculations
  • Blending mathematics
  • Filtration porosity
  • Label alcohol declaration
  • Wine stability measurements
  • And much more

This seminar will be appeal to those interested in learning more about the winemaking process. Whether you grow grapes and want to learn more about winemaking from the perspective of a winemaker or you help your winery team make wine and want to accelerate your understanding, this seminar is for you. Viticulturists, enologists, and wine enthusiasts will all enjoy the learning opportunity.

 Dates:   January 16, 2019 – Rohnert Park, CA

January 22, 2019 – Paso Robles, CA

January 24, 2019 – Napa, CA

Time:    8am-12pm

Website: https://www.meristemlearning.com/the-beauty-of-wine-math

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