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Discover DT’s Innovative Filtering System at the EXPO


Visit DELLA TOFFOLA at Booth #454 to find out more about high-solids cross-flow filter exploits DELLA TOFFOLA’s innovative filtering system with ceramic membranes to obtain the best clarity and provide an exceptional recovery rate, with achievable final concentrations of more than 90%.  

The OMNIA series filters can filter juice, juice lees or float lees, as well as finished wine and eliminates the need for DE within a production facility.

The OMNIA combines structural quality and innovative technology and the durability of ceramic membranes to enable an efficient filtering process with excellent results (less than 1 NTU).

Della Toffola USA Ltd.
WIN Expo Booth: 454

The Della Toffola family began designing and manufacturing winemaking equipment in Italy in the 1960’s. With success came growth and today the DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP boasts eight manufacturing plants and eight branch offices across six continents. The company, which remains family owned, has established itself as a worldwide leader in delivering innovative and dependable equipment.

The DELLA TOFFOLA brand offers a strong selection of equipment to take you from grape to shelf from Grape Receiving, through Thermoflash, Filtration, Floatation, Pumps, and Stabilization equipment.  Through acquisitions, the DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP also delivers top name brands, ZITALIA, AVE Technologies, OMB, and Priamo for any CIP/ PASTEURIZATION and BOTTLING/ PACKAGING needs.

DELLA TOFFOLA USA opened its doors in 2009 and has quickly established itself as a prominent player in the US beverage industry, delivering high-quality, reliable and innovative machines as well as outstanding after-sales.

Call 707-544-5300 or visit us online at www.dellatoffola.us

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