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100% Efficient Stabilization with No Additives, Oxygen Pickup, and Zero Wine Loss


Find out more about the newest STARS-XF technology from OENODIA (Booth #113), a logical evolution in wine filtration. It combines Crossflow filtration with the STARS technology for single-pass, immediate and continuous filtration and tartrate stabilization.

The STARS system is the only 100% efficient stabilization method with no additives, no oxygen pickup, and zero wine loss. It eliminates the need for intermediate storage tanks or multiple control functions and you can get your product to market quickly and with guaranteed stability.  

Ask too about STARS XF Mobile Service delivered right to your winery door!

Oenodia North America
WIN Expo Booth: 113

OENODIA is the oenology division of Eurodia Industrie S.A, (France) one of the world’s leading specialists in membrane-based treatments for the agri-food industry. OENODIA®, provides membrane based eco-processes used for Tartaric Stabilization, Acidification, De-Acidification, Cross-flow Filtration and De-alcoholization of wines.  

OENODIA North America opened in Napa in 2015 and provides sales and service support to the growing number of wineries utilizing the STARS Line from STARS Stab to STARS pH, STARS XF. Our Napa office is also home to STARS Mobile Service, which delivers all our STARS services to your winery door.

Call OENODIA North America today at 707-666-2049 or visit us online at www.oenodia.us

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