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Barrels Inspired by French Oak Forest


Please join Karen Prusinowski with Tonnellerie Quintessence and Tonnellerie Tremeaux to learn about their barrel collections. The Quintessence team in Bordeaux, France has created the Forest Origin Collection offering two unique barrels inspired by the magnificent French oak forest. Chantilly and Montpensier are forests nestled within very different regions, offering a special touch to premium wines focused on expression. In their Burgundy atelier, a small team of master coopers honor the savoir-faire of our ancestors to craft traditional barrels of the finest quality.

Our passion is to work closely with wineries around the world by crafting barrels that showcase the unique nuances of each wine. We look forward to seeing you at Booth #717

Tonnellerie Quintessence 
WIN Expo Booth: 717

Tonnellerie Quintessence is a creative cooperage blending savoir-faire and contemporary expertise. We craft premium oak barrels at our cooperage in Bordeaux, France with a commitment to traceability, consistency and customization. Our signature is to ensure our customers benefit from only the very best, the essence of Quintessence.

Tonnellerie Tremeaux, nestled in the Burgundy region of France, creates limited production barrels using a unique chimney stacking technique for wood aging and expert toasting. Our barrels respect the fruit and reflect the beauty of each wine.

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