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Looking for Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Quality in Your Wines?


Come visit us at the Laffort booth to learn about our oak derived finishing tannins in the Quertanin Range and mouthfeel building mannoprotein products. The Quertanin Range has everything you need for enhancing the oak character and fruity notes in your wine during the pre-bottling stage; vanilla, mocha, cherry, blueberry, spice, coffee, toasted almond, etc. Learn about the flavor profiles of the Quertanin Range and the benefits of masking green character and adding perception of sweetness in both red and white wines. Our goal is to introduce you to the tools that are available and provide samples to work on your wines.

Laffort USA
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Laffort is a fourth generation family owned business founded in 1895 with a history of research and discovery in oenology dating back to Pasteur’s seminal works. The Laffort group is proud to dedicate the largest budget among private companies to Research and Development. As a result of this extensive research, Laffort holds many patents and regularly launches innovative products and processes for the wine industry. Laffort holds HACCP and ISO certifications and Laffort USA is the first winemaking products supplier in the US to achieve Green Business Certification.

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