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Come See the Newly Redesigned Filter: MFTC 04A


JUCLAS USA will feature its newly redesigned 2-4 membrane hollow fiber fully automatic crossflow filter: MFTC 04A.

The MFTC 04A allows your winery to work with small barrel lots as well as larger volumes while still minimizing your losses.  Logan Fleming, Technical Equipment Manager, worked with JUCLAS USA’s Italian R&D team to create the ability to shut down membrane housings to work with 2, 3, or 4 membranes at a time. This option gives filtration technicians the ability to streamline the filtration process.

JUCLAS USA is offering a new client mobile filtration special of $0.25 per gallon. If winery is located within 60 miles of Napa, CA the setup and mileage fee is also waived.

Come visit us at Booth #439 to discuss with Logan and team how we can help your winery work across both large and small volumes.

WIN Expo Booth: 439

JUCLAS USA is the Napa, California based subsidiary of the VASONGROUP out of Verona, Italy. The VASONGROUP just celebrated its 62nd anniversary and is the largest purveyor to the Italian wine industry.  Given the vast experience and prominent history within the European wine industry JUCLAS USA offers unparalleled products and customer service.

JUCLAS USA has 3 different divisions: equipment, mobile services, and products.  

The equipment division specializes in winery production equipment that can improve quality, efficiency, and cellar operations such as floatation, filtration (lees, sweet, dry, juice, etc.), automatic yeast rehydrators, microx, RO, de-alc units, cationic exchange resins to manage pH, lab equipment to measure filterability, etc.  

Building on the expertise of our equipment division we offer mobile services on: crossflow filtration, stuck ferment services, pH reduction via cationic exchange resins, filterability analysis, and more!

The product division, Enological VASON, consists of highly technological enological adjuvants such as: yeast, tannins, enzymes, fining agents, nutrients, etc.

Come see us at the North Coast Wine Industry Expo.

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