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Introducing the Only 100% Metal and Recyclable Capsule


Ramondin is proud to introduce e-cap, the only two-piece capsule produced with 100% metal and recyclable materials.

Its main advantage is the absence of plastic, which reduces the environmental impact of the polylaminate capsule and thereby prevents deforestation, lowers the cost of basic commodities and reduces plastic waste, which takes over 400 years to decompose.

Recycling is carried out through established collection systems.


Ramondin shares the commitment of its customers and end consumers to sustainable products, respect for the environment and recycling. e-cap makes its own small contribution to the struggle to preserve and improve the world we inhabit.

For a Good Cause:

Until December 31, Ramondin will donate 5% of the sales of this product to a reforestation project that the staff will perform during the celebration of Ramondin’s Day of Social Responsibility.

Patented by the firm. Ramondin is the only manufacturer capable of the e-cap production.

Ramondin USA
WIN Expo Booth: 240 & 241

For more than 125 years Ramondin has been the world leader in capsule production. Today, with 5 production facilities worldwide, Ramondin produces more than 500 million tin capsules produced per year (more than 50% of the worldwide production), 1.2 billion polylaminate capsules, PVC capsules, screw caps and wire hoods.

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