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Wine Nots; A Gift to Red Wine Drinkers


By Janet Perry

The red wine swirls in our glass and soft laughter rings, red wine is indeed a gift from the heavens. However, another experience follows close on the heels of a few glasses, the vision of stained teeth greeting us in the mirror. We can all enjoy our wine fearlessly now that an enterprising woman from North Carolina has come to our rescue with a savvy product called Wine Nots.

Lynette Batton created Wine Nots because she loves red wine. “I love the way it smells, the way it tastes (especially Petite Sirahs), and I love having a glass or two at dinner sharing intimate conversations with friends and family around the table,” said Batton. “But, I do not like the embarrassing discoloration red wine causes, especially at social events.”

Lynette Batton
Lynette Batton

Batton said because of this, she had become reluctant to consume red wine. She looked for a product for years that would eliminate the staining red wine causes, to no avail.

She did her research, developed a successful prototype and now she’s a woman with a patent. She started Wine Nots in 2016 and it’s quickly catching on.

Wine Nots’ website describes them as being like a sweet tart, fizzing away the red wine stain. They’re gluten-free, vegan and have zero calories. Not only that, most of the ingredients, listed on the website are also found in that glass of wine. It’s harmless, inexpensive and easily tucks into a purse or pocket. It seems Batton has thought of everything.

Ziggy the Wine Gal
Ziggy the Wine Gal

Ziggy the Wine Gal says she loves Wine Nots. “Red wines with all their complexity and yumminess love to leave behind their trademark purple-ish thumbprint on your teeth and tongue. After a few glasses of red wine; nothing screams, “I love red wine” to your friends & colleagues like purple teeth. Yikes! My life has changed since I discovered Wine Nots! This fabu small tablet fizzes all the discoloration away. Yay! Discreetly tucked away in my purse, I’m ready for red wine, anytime.”

Christopher Sawyer, “The Sommelier to the Stars” says that, “No matter if I’m wrapping up a long day of judging international wines, tasting through young barrel samples with winemakers or simply finishing the last sips of a deep, dark and complex red wine with friends or family at the dinner table; the secret to cleaning and protecting my teeth, tongue and lips from discoloration is Wine Nots. Fizzy, tasty and easy to use, Wine Nots is the right choice for sommeliers, wine pros and wine lovers in any situation.”

So sit back and enjoy the robust color and flavor of that glass of wine and the pleasure it brings. Go ahead, smile wide. You have nothing to fear. Wine Nots.




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