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Six New and Interesting Products from the Unified Trade Show


Even if you went to the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium and spent two days visiting the nearly 700 booths on its massive trade show floor, you probably didn’t have a chance to visit every exhibit, and you may have missed some of these interesting finds.

G Ink Reflection

G3 Enterprises continues to enhanced the capabilities of their G Ink, and to illustrate how it can imitate the look of foil on the label, Sterling Creativeworks designed a label showcasing the advantages of using G Ink over foil, which includes not only cost and production efficiency, but is also expressed directly on the label with wide varying metallic hues on the uncoated paper.

In the video above Cynthia Sterling shows and talks about the G Ink Reflection label design and the advantages from a design and production standpoint.


One of the biggest announcements by Enartis International was the introduction of Zenith, an alternative to traditional cold stabilization methods. Zenith is a potassium polyaspartate based additive that stabilizes tartrates and color in wine. Pre-cursors such as gum Arabic and CMC led the Enartis to develop the StabiWine program in collaboration with prestigious universities and international winemaking companies.

Zenith requires less energy, drinking water, and manpower while cutting environmental greenhouse emissions by 90%. It is the next step in saving time and money, especially for large-scale facilities that would otherwise use their chilling systems. Zenith is in the final process of approval by the FDA but is already approved for winemaking by the European Union. Keep a look out in the next coming months for this new winemaking alternative.

StellarTan Tannins

Gusmer Enterprises showcased the new Polyphenolics® line of StellarTan finishing tannins produced from carefully selected California grapes and extracted with a gentle process requiring only hot water as a solvent and preserving the nature of the tannins.

The line consists of five finishing tannins and a fermentation tanning that can help winemakers increase the wine’s tannin concentration and improve the mouthfeel and aroma of the wine. Each product in the line is chosen for its total phenolic concentration and varying degrees of polymerization, which are broken down by type for each product to give the winemaker a full complement of options to choose the tannin profile for the wine

Precision Carbonation

VA Filtration has just introduced its new precision carbonation system. The PreCarb system, called the Carbonator, is a diffusion-based CO2 addition system that allows you precise control of the level of CO2 in wine, cider, or beer. The system measures the amount of CO2 in the wine as it enters the machine then a calculates a precise dosage for the desired level in the outgoing wine. The Carbonator can also be used to removed dissolved oxygen level of the wine. It is completely automated so no sparging or frequently checking numbers is required. The machine also operates in a closed system so no loss of aromatics or outside oxidation occurs during the process. VA filtration showcased the machine at the Unified Symposium and rentals are available.

Inspiration Oak Staves

Vivelys introduced their new Inspiration Stave product line featuring two distinct profiles: vanilla and smoke/toasted. The Inspiration staves are made from 100% new French oak, and like their Boisé oak chips are created through a rigorous scientifically controlled process that includes sorting the oak based on analytical findings and precise heat processing to achieve a consistent and reliable product.

The two product profiles are tailored toward the demand Vivelys have seen especially in the U.S. market with winemakers seeking maturity and roundness as well as fruit and balance on the palate, without excessive dryness.

Oxi_Out Gas Management System

The Oxi_Out selectively removes dissolved oxygen from the wine without ruining its organic characteristics allowing the the wine to be bottle with lower SO2 while still protecting against premature aging. The machine uses nitrogen and/or carbon currents and can extract up to 97% of the oxygen present.

Oxi_out is a product of Agrovin USA and MA Silva USA is the exclusive North American distributor.

By Branden Hamby and Kim Badenfort

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